YouTube is slowly taking over the world. It's funny to think that I used to use the website only to spend hours watching funny cat videos or videos of some of the best epic fails of all time. Over the past summer, I started getting in to YouTube's quality content, meaning that I started subscribing to a few users and watched their videos constantly. Through this, I was able to explore new YouTube channels, and stumbled across a few that I really liked. These channels stood out to me because they are solely based around vlogging, otherwise known as video blogging.

Vlogs are entertaining because they allow you to connect with the YouTuber filming them, and it kind of gives you a peek in to what their life is actually like. Of course I don't actually know this person, and I have no idea what they go through on a day to day basis, but they're giving me content that tells me who they are. Vloggers are completely free to do whatever they want with their content. They can bring you along while they run errands or can make the vlog interesting by providing content that has been strung together over a period of time. I think that the freedom that comes along with vlogging is another reason why I appreciate it so much. The vloggers don't have to be doing something exciting the entire time they're filming. What makes me realize that these people I'm watching through my tiny computer screen are actually real is the fact that they live a pretty much normal life.

One of my favorite vloggers, Julien Solomita, is always attempting to give his viewers better content. He is passionate about his viewers and you can tell that he is just an easy-going, relatable guy. Vlogs are interesting to me because they are short little snippets of video, but through those snippets you are able to connect with the person on some level. Vlogs might not be for everyone. If you constantly need to be entertained by a video, then they might not be the good choice for you, but I recommend at least giving them a shot. You never know who might catch your eye and possibly inspire you to do something different.