Behind every good student, there is a teacher who helped them along the way. Sometimes it's academically, sometimes it's emotionally, but the teachers who go above and beyond in their classroom always put their students first. Teachers are the most under-appreciated individuals and, to be quite honest, I don't feel like a week is enough to show our gratitude.

My best friend is currently an elementary education major and from my understanding, it is far more complicated than it seems. Have you ever tried to draft a lesson plan in weekly bulks accordingly to a guideline given by a school? It is actually impossible to do, and the fact that my best friend can do it as quickly and creatively as she does amazes me. Not to mention the amount of tests she has to take is absolutely ridiculous, whereas I only have to stress about one. There is the "Professional Education Test" which is a test of pedagogy and professional practices, "General Knowledge Exam" which is a test of basic skills, and a test for each subject area and grades.

I don't think I could ever be a teacher and be responsible for a group of kids. Those who teach are brave leaders for the future generation and that is a lot of pressure to handle, but I am thankful for the teachers who have shaped me into the person who I am today. Without them, I never would have accomplished the things I did without them. From the beginning of elementary school up until my undergraduate years, I still remember every good teacher who taught me for the better, who encouraged me, who supported me and left me newfound knowledge that I will always remember.

Teachers should not have to work multiple part-time jobs because they should be paid equally as much as lawyers. They should not have to front their own money for supplies because that's not their responsibility, especially if they do not get paid enough. The state needs to fund our public schools more accordingly with supplies so our teachers can actually teach. With proper funding, the resources for teachers to bring their ideas to life in the classroom are endless and may help a student learn better because of it.

Appreciate your teachers every day, not just for a week.