An Open Letter to My Mother
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An Open Letter to My Mother

To the mother that has always been my favorite superhero.

An Open Letter to My Mother

Hey mom. It's me. The youngest. The brainiac of the 3 kids. The independent one. The one who is too stubborn for her own good. Hey mom. It's me.

I'm the last daughter you will ever raise. The last child you will ever raise. And that is something special to think about. You have raised 3 amazingly sarcastic, independent, free spirited kids. You've pushed us beyond what we wanted to be pushed some days but here we are. 3 successful, strong kids. Even though we have less common sense than a grain of rice, we are each unique in our own special ways. If any of us are half the parent you are, then our kids will be VERY fortunate.

Your oldest is still a princess, your son will always be a momma's boy, and your youngest will always be the baby of the family. Even though we are all about to be out in the world on our own, you will always be the biggest part of our world. Our house will always be home. The memories that have been created within that brick building will never be forgotten. Whether it's family dinners, random friends walking into the house, or many of our inside jokes, I will always know where to go to for a stomach-aching laugh. All of our friends call you "mom" because even though they are not blood, you have taken under your wings. They value your influence and the fact that you always have food ready for them!! Whether it is a date gone bad or just a rough day in general, friends love coming over because that house is hysterical. Not only a house of laughter, but a house of impact. You are the leader of our house, and you are always telling everybody, not just your children, exactly how things are. As you point out many times that you are not pessimistic nor optimistic, you quickly admit that you are a realist. With a realist mentality, you give tough love to everybody, even when it's not enjoyable to hear. Your room is always open for a counseling center. Not just for us kids, but for all of our friends. You're always telling us what we don't want to hear and always super realistic about what we're going through.

The divorce impacted our family in all possible ways. Physically, emotionally, mentally. Well, all except one way. Not spiritually. You always put God at the center of hardships and fell back on His plan for each of us including yourself. You always put Him before all else and that is the most important thing. Jeremiah 29:11 was hung on our fridge door for years, because you wanted to remind us that God's plan for our life is bigger and better than we ever thought possible. "It is His perfect plan. His plan of peace and hope" is a statement that you often reminded me. A statement that echos through my head whenever I am trying to figure out situations, my future, or just thinking in general. You were (and still are) always sacrificing so that we would go without wanting.

Two girls, one boy, a granddaughter, two grand puppies, and a cat all living under your roof at one point. You've done an amazing job with us. You've instilled in me that you cannot fly without your wings and you have crafted me an amazing pair of wings. Thank you for putting up with me when I burn easy mac or when I'm driving. Thank you for always believing in me no matter what and pushing me to fulfill all my dreams. Thank you for making whale sounds with me in a hospital room for five days to try and make me laugh. Hey mom. It's me. The favorite.

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