Applying for a job is never easy, but it can be even more difficult when you're a full-time college student. Your time is probably already filled with activities like athletics, clubs, class, homework - and if you're like me, writing articles. Plus, you try to have a social life. You probably barely have any time for yourself. But, you need money to keep all of these things going, so you apply for a job - because who needs sleep anyways?

You decide to get a job.

Money is a priority. You need to eat, pay for your tuition, pay your club dues, put gas in your car, and a ton of other things. So you decide to get at job. In no time the dollar bills will be flowing in, right?

So you search the internet for a job.

You scour the internet looking for the perfect job: part-time, little to no experience, no college degree required. You keep finding jobs that are almost perfect, but no matter what they have a flaw. You find one that's part-time, but it wants 5 years of experience. You find one that requires no experience, but they want you to work 30 hours a week. But you keep on searching until you find the right one.

The application asks for your availability.

Trying to fit in time for a job between all of the other stuff you have going on can be tough. Your available hours are so random that you're pretty sure that no employer wants to hire you for that time. You wonder if it's possible to be hired for day shift on one day, and night shift on the next.

The waiting game begins.

After applying to as many places as you possibly can, you have to wait to hear back. You're pretty sure none of them are ever going to call you, but you keep hope. Finally, you get the call. You've landed an interview.

You have to decide what to wear to your job interview.

More than likely, your closet is filled with the comfy clothes you wear to class. You try to think business casual as you dig through the piles of jeans and athletic shorts. You wonder if black jeans count as dress pants. That's when you realize that you don't own anything business appropriate.

You finally get to the interview.

You look fabulous in your business attire, and you're ready to snatch this job. You sit down for your interview and the interviewer asks you a ton of questions about yourself. He or she asks you, "Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?"

You got the job!

So you begin working your life away. You know you've got to earn that paycheck to keep your life in check. Everyone keeps asking you how your new job is going.

Finally, you get your first paycheck.

It's the moment you've been waiting for. Everything you've done has finally lead up to this. You can finally afford the things you need, and maybe some things you don't. Of course, after you pay your bills, you have to buy yourself a reward for a job well done.

Yes, you've had to give up some of your almost non-existant free time. Yes, maybe the job isn't your dream job. But, you've got money in the bank you can put towards your food and tuition now. Maybe this job thing is worth it after all. Now you've only got 40 or so more years left ahead of you.