As college students, we use our cell phones consistently throughout the day. We don’t just use our phones for texting and calling, we actually use it for numerous purposes; I have listed some of our most used phone applications.

1. Hooked App

The Hooked App is one that I have just recently discovered and I love it. Basically the purpose of the app is to provide students with hundreds of deals/coupons for food that are within a certain radius of where you are. Yesterday I used a coupon for 50% off Panda Express, and loved every penny spent on that fried shrimp and fried rice.

2. The “Basic” Apps

I consider Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat all in one category because I can promise you that you can go up to any student and they all have these. I will never get tired of sharing with the world how not-glamorous my life is on a daily basis.


Not everyone will enjoy these apps, but mostly everyone in the greek community uses theses whether they admit to it or not. I can always count on TSM article for a good laugh.

4. GroupMe

The GroupMe App has become one of my best friends throughout college. It is basically one large group text message that can have as many people within the group text as your heart desires. It comes very handy when you are trying to communicate with multiple people, but not so handy when you are trying to go to sleep and people feel the need to discuss their oh-so-dramatic lives at 3:00am in the morning.

5. Netflix/Chrome Cast App

I have recently discovered that you can connect your Netflix account to your phone; therefore meaning you no longer need a remote to your tv.

6. Pinterest

People don’t really discuss Pinterest that much anymore, but I still find it very useful. You can really find anything and everything on Pinterest, such as ideas for recipes, costumes, crafts, clothes, quotes, etc. It is endless.

7. Fuzzy's App

The Fuzzy's App has become a frequent of mine. Fuzzy's has a reward system where you can build up points every time you purchase food and/or drinks, and after so many points you can get free food or a Fuzzys shirt.

8. Rancher's Club App

If you are not already aware that Ranchers Club serves a cheap lunch, well now you know. And now you can order lunch through the Ranchers Club App to-go and have it ready within 20 minutes.

9. Tapingo

One of my favorites, simply because it saves me so much time. I can order my Crafted Cold Press coffee from Caribou and have it ready when I arrive to campus.

10. SquareCash App

The Square Cash App is extremely useful for all of your money exchanging needs. Your friends can now send you money directly to your bank account.

11. Quizlet

Quizlet is a great resource, especially for those procrastinators who do not want to create their own flashcard set. You can search for your class/university and it will load every flashcard set ever created. I use Quizlet for almost every test.

12. Genious Scan

Geniuos Scan is actually, genious. You can now take a picture with your cell phone camera instead of having to go anywhere and find a scanner on campus.