5 Tips That Just Might Save Your Broke College Student Life When You're Apartment Hunting
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5 Tips That Just Might Save Your Broke College Student Life When You're Apartment Hunting

You think you're prepared but you're really not.

5 Tips That Just Might Save Your Broke College Student Life When You're Apartment Hunting
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Whomever said apartment hunting was fun, please exit the building.

Over the past few months, my friends & I have been casually looking for an apartment to live in for the summer as we're all moving from our respective places. I live on-campus and they live off campus in one of the University-sponsored complexes.

Now let me tell you, it might seem fun the first few times you go out since everything is new and sparkly. But after seeing the 20th apartment almost 3 weekends in a row, you start to feel mentally drained. I never would've imagine how stressful, not just physically but mentally it can be.

So here are just a few tips to remember when you're out looking for your future home!

1. Be committed

Make sure all parties that plan to live with you are fully committed. There's nothing worse than finding the perfect apartment and having to let it go because one of your roommates wasn't able to live with you for whatever reason. It honestly sucks and leaves the rest of the party scrambling to change their plans and set new ones. As soon as you sign that dotted line promising to pay every month for your place of residence, any hesitation has to go out the window. So remember to be absolutely sure.

2. Stay on budget!

Have a price point that you won't stray from. It's easy to get swept up in all the beautiful places you will visit but it's not worth your bank account if you choose to look at places beyond your budget. Trust me, don't look or you will regret it!

3. Hydration is key

Take a break to get lunch because you will be incredibly hungry after driving all over the place. Food is the fuel you need to keep going.

4. Be realistic while apartment hunting

You might not find your dream apartment and you need to be prepared for that. Having your dream cap on while hunting isn't the best idea because you will get disappointed rather quickly and nothing will measure up to your "perfect" place. Be realistic and make sure your future roommates are realistic as well.

5. Dress comfortably

Don't worry about impressing anyone, you will end up being hot and tired after a long day of looking at different apartments. Please for the love of god, be casual! Leggings, jean shorts, a dress whatever is cozy to you. You'll be in and out of the car and riding around on golf carts, so ultimate comfort is the goal here.

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