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When Your Body And Mind Are Telling You It's Time For A Break, Listen To Them

Why should we take a break?

When Your Body And Mind Are Telling You It's Time For A Break, Listen To Them
Kandis Snyder

Do you ever feel as if every stress factor is falling onto your shoulders? What about that feeling of frustration that is making you want to burst? If that is the case, then maybe you need a break .

From an article by Elizabeth Scott, she explains why we need to take a break sometimes. When we build up stress, we can cause it to affect our health. Those who experience chronic stress are more open to frequent headaches to more serious issues such as high blood pressure.

When we get to this point, the positive events that take place in our lives make us feel like we are putting out so much energy that we cannot even enjoy them. Our emotions run monotone or autopilot. Scott explains that because a chronically-triggered stress response can lead to decreased creativity, memory problems, mild cognitive impairment, and so much more.

The best way to help with this is to either take a break or go on vacation. This helps maintain our mental and physical state tp happy and peaceful. The vacations can either be a different state or country or you can go to a nice bookstore or a walk on the beach. The smell of books and fresh air can help bring us peace. Scott mentions that the break in the stress cycle can lead to sharper thinking and increased creativity into our lives. We are much better at our jobs and in our relationships.

Scott also mentions that sometimes our stress can sneak up on us. It leaves us in a bind like a dark hole with no escape. A way to get through this would be to have something already planned out. You take out a planner and find dates that you can take a break and relax. When we do this we have something to rely on when we need to get away.

Talking about stress sneaking up on you, if you need to get away, do not think about it. Just do it! It will help you in the long run. If you do not stop to breathe, you will burst and it will not be pretty. Your family and friends might be worried, but it will help you feel so much better. No one can make you feel worse about yourself except for yourself.

So it is OK if you have to take a break. Just do not let it build up to the point where you can never be happy. When you get away and take a break, you will feel relaxed even when you return from it. The break away can help keeping yourself at peace even in the most stressful situations. We are able to think through the problems and find a better solution to them.

Another thing that helps is when you come back from your break or vacation, write about it. Talk about exactly what you felt during this break because when you want to do it again, you know exactly how you will feel in the long-run.

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