Ten anxiety hacks to help calm an anxious mind.
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10 Ways To Calm An Anxious Mind

Sometimes the smallest things can help you turn your focus around.


I have anxiety and I get overwhelmed from time to time. My anxiety tends to make me feel like I've got less time on my hands than I actually do and too much to get done in this little time. It kind of compounds on itself and makes me feel overwhelmed. Over the years, I've learned ways of coping with these moments and these ten "anxiety-hacks" help get me through these periods.

1. Journal

I've found journaling my feelings helps me figure out the reasons why I feel certain ways and helps me see the root cause of why I feel overwhelmed by anxiety from time to time.

2. Create a to-do list

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by everything I have to do, and a quick to-do list of things I need to get done helps me buckle down and actually get to it so I don't feel overwhelmed. Seeing what I need to accomplish helps me see it's not as much as I made myself believe.

3. Meditate

I think of meditating as just taking a few minutes to be with myself and think through my current state of mind. It helps me clear my mind and refocus my energy on what's important at the moment.

4. Light some scented candles

Scented candles are my favorite thing to burn during the winter. I opt for soy wax candles to avoid any harmful additives.

5. Use an oil diffuser

Lavender is my favorite scent to fall asleep to when I feel anxious before bed, but I only set it to run for about an hour and I make sure to sleep with at least one open window so it doesn't build up.

6. Clean or organize your apartment

Let's be real, clutter happens. So when it becomes too much, I take the time to clean and organize my space. This helps me concentrate on something else for a little bit and then return to what I was doing before.

7. Take a walk

Fresh air and a change of scenery can help me refocus and calm my anxiety.

8. Meet up with a friend to talk

Sometimes the advice your friends give you can help you sort through your anxiety and what's making you feel that way.

9. Exercise

Not only does exercising give you something else to focus on, it'll release positive chemicals in your brain and rewire your levels of anxiety. Exercising helps me refocus on my work and things I have to do.

10. Just take a break

If you can, set aside a few minutes for yourself and do something fun like watch Netflix so you can feel refreshed.

I, of course, employ each of these hacks on rotation, depending on what I need to get over my anxiety during a given period I feel overwhelmed.

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