Antonio Padula Kirkland's Tips for Buying a Guitar

Antonio Padula, Kirkland’s Premiere Music Instructor, Reveals 3 Important Tips for Buying a Child Their First Guitar

Learning an instrument is an incredibly beneficial experience for a child, and the guitar is a popular and fun option that many kids embrace.


Without proper knowledge, buying a child their first guitar can be a daunting experience for parents. When Moms and Dads walk into the music store, they face a vast number of options and choices that will ultimately dictate their child's music experience. Making the wrong decision can have a severe impact on the amount of enjoyment a child gets out of playing, and whether or not they'll stick with learning, so it's vital to get it right the first time. Thankfully, Antonio Padula, the founder, and director of operations of a small studio in Kirkland, Quebec, has a wealth of knowledge both as a music professional and instructor as well as a parent.

Antonio Padula's 3 simple tips to ensure you find your child's first guitar:

1. Make the right choice between acoustic and electric.

Sometimes parents don't have a lot of choices when faced with the question of acoustic or electric for their child's first guitar, because kids who will be learning guitar through school are often required to have acoustic guitars. In cases where both types are an option, the most significant consideration should be what kind of music the child likes, and is, therefore, most likely to want to use the guitar for. For instance, a kid who enjoys heavy rock music will probably enjoy playing an electric guitar more than an acoustic guitar, because they'll be able to learn their favorite songs more accurately.

2. Don't go for the cheapest option possible.

Parents are often tempted to purchase one of the cheapest options presented to them for fear that their child might not stick with playing and that their investment might end up collecting dust in the corner. This is a grave mistake. The playability of the lowest-end instruments is generally highly sub-par, and playing a poorly built guitar can be frustrating for even the best of guitarists, let alone someone just starting. By spending just a little bit more and buying something in the low-mid range, parents can ensure that their child has a guitar that won't make learning any more difficult than it has to be, which will positively influence the likelihood of their child sticking with it.

3. Take the child to the store to pick out the guitar.

It can be very tempting to purchase a child's first guitar in secret and surprise them with it, especially if it's a birthday or Christmas gift. Sometimes this works out well, and sometimes it doesn't. There are many reasons why having the child present when picking out their first guitar is of benefit. First, it's essential that the child has the chance to sit down and hold some guitars to figure out which types are the most comfortable for them. Secondly, by allowing them to pick their guitar, it's more likely that the child will emotionally connect with that instrument. Both of these factors can go a long way in ensuring that kids enjoy playing and stick out the rough, early stages of learning.

Learning an instrument is an incredibly beneficial experience for a child, and the guitar is a popular and fun option that many kids embrace. However, just grabbing any old guitar isn't the best way that parents can ensure their child not only has an enjoyable experience playing but also sticks with learning long term. By making the right choice between acoustic and electric guitars based on the child's musical tastes, not limiting themselves to only the cheapest options, and giving the child a chance to pick out their instrument, parents can be confident that their child's first guitar will be the right one. After all, Moms and Dads want to ensure that their child has the best experience possible learning to play an instrument.

About: Antonio Padula is the founder and main teacher of a small studio, a musical education program for children and adolescents. In the studio's ten years of operation, Tony Padula has become a staple of the arts community in Kirkland, Quebec. He is praised for his combination of patience and drive, encouraging young people to pursue their dreams through hard work and passion.

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Robb Misso, Award-winning CEO, Describes 7 Great Techniques Small Business Owners Use to Hire Top Talent

Discovering premiere talent is no easy task, but it's one of the best investments you can make for the future of your business.


Hiring great employees is a difficult task, but hiring them for a small business or startup is far more difficult. Not only is your budget more limited, but you're also looking for a more specific kind of person. Working in a small business is inherently more difficult due to the flatter structure and greater responsibilities, so not only do you need someone skilled, you need people who can thrive under pressure. By focusing on these seven techniques detailed by Robb Misso, the CEO of DMS and a John C Maxwell Executive Council member, you can find the right people to hire for your company.

1. Focus on Brand Development from the Start

Attracting top talent for your small business is difficult because you have no branding at the start. Some people grow up thinking about working for global corporations because they have an expectation of how it would be to work for them, either due to a positive company culture, the impact they have on the world, or both. To get people to want to work for you, your business must have that same appeal. Develop a strong brand from the start and you'll make things easier for yourself.

2. Challenge Them

To get the best people, you have to offer the best projects. Top talent generally doesn't want to waste their time on something that bores them. Give them interesting projects, stimulate their minds and imagination, and they'll come in through the door.

3. Create a Small Business with Intent

Just making a small business to make money isn't enough, though it's a good start. You must have a greater goal in mind. You must have a vision. It's that vision that will drive people with passion to work for you. You must also learn how to present that vision and mission to people in the best possible way.

4. Go Out and Meet People Constantly

When you're looking to hire more people, the best thing to do is keep meeting new people. Go out to events and meet-ups and networking conferences and talk to people. Not only will you meet more potential employees, you'll also get to develop your brand and talk to potential partners and investors.

5. Look to Your Community

There's nothing like a consumer when it comes to criticism. No one is more critical than someone who bought your offering. Chances are, parts of your community are skilled workers. Why not hire them? They're already invested in your product, making them great potential hires. In some instances, such as positions for your sales force, their eagerness can make up for their lack of initial skill.

6. Look to Other Parts of the Globe

Your small business may have limited capital and reach, but the Internet has made it easier to find remote workers than ever before. While you won't have the comfort and intimacy of face-to-face interaction, they can give your small business skills you can't find locally. It can also end up being cheaper, especially if you just need them for specific tasks.

7. Create a Positive Workplace

A great workplace environment doesn't just help you keep employees, it'll help you get them. "When they first walk into your office for their interview, they should be met with smiling faces and people who are genuinely enjoying their work," stated Robb Misso. Nothing pushes away top talent like anger, frustration, and a general feeling of negativity. Developing a positive workplace is about having the right company culture, as well as having a comfortable physical space that people won't mind spending long hours in.

Hiring top talent for your small business is no easy task, but it's not impossible either. You just have to do it mindfully. You can't just send out fliers and expect great people to walk in. Develop your brand and your company culture from the start. Meet as many people as possible to expand your fishing waters. It's time-consuming, but consider it an investment in your small business's future.

About Robb Misso:

Robb Misso founded Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions in order to go about manufacturing differently. For 25 years, he has worked tirelessly to create a positive work culture and empower skilled workers both inside and outside the office. Robb Misso is also the recipient of Austin's "Recognize Good Award," which honors community-minded individuals for local charity work.

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