Anti-Vaxxers & COVID-19
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Anti-Vaxxers & COVID-19

A perspective on Anti-Vaxxers protesting COVID-19 and Social Distancing Orders.

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Sidenote: The plot in this story is fake, however there have been many Anti-Social Distancing protests around the country.

"Open up! Open up! Open up! Open up! Open up! Open up! Open up! Open up!" the protestors shouted at California's State Capitol building in Sacramento.

One of the protestors took out their phone, and started an instagram live.

"Hi everyone, this is Jen, and we are outside protesting for our freedom! Open up! Open up! We are here because California is basically under martial law at the moment. Literally people are being arrested for going outside. Like, that's literally communism! This is America, land of the free and home of the brave. My friends and I are here specifically because we are protesting for reopening America, and for the freedom to choose whether or not we take vaccines. Now, there has been much talk about there being a vaccine. However, no one tells us what exactly is in the vaccine, and we all know that the government lies about it anyway. And especially with this "COVID" thing going on, we are afraid that the government will impede on our freedom, and force us to take their dangerous vaccine! Post your comments below so we can chat!"

Jen then faced her phone camera towards the protest again, and waited for comments on her phone to pile up.

When she looked again 5 minutes later, she was highly disappointed.

"I'm not stupid, you're stupid" she said in response to one of the comments. "We all know that this COVID thing is basically the flu, so I don't see what the big hype is about"

"Again, the government is going to use this opportunity to impede on our freedom, and force us to take these vaccines!"

She paused for a minute when she read one the comments:

"If you and the other Anti-Vaxxers do not take the COVID-19 vaccine when it comes out, the blood from the deaths of more people will be on your hands!"

Then she read another comment:

"I hope that you and your children get COVID-19, to teach you all a lesson!"

Then she read two other comments:
"You and your Anti-Vaxxer friends are going to get us all infected because you're too stubborn to get one shot. It's just one shot, toughen up!"

"Girl, if you think it's just a flu, go to a hospital right now, shake hands with a COVID patient, then come back to that rally you have, hug children, hug the elderly, hug your friends. It's all just a flu right? I dare you"

The last comment got to Jennifer to spring into action; she then stepped outside of the protest, and walked straight into the hospital. What she stopped in her tracks with what she saw in the hallways.

"Ma'am, you're not supposed to be in this part of the hospital, you need to leave or go back to the waiting room" a doctor said.

Seeing her Trump shirt and Anti-Vaxxer visor, he changed his mind; "Hey, actually, let me show you something cool" he said sarcastically.

He gave her a mask, then walked her into a COVID-19 ward; she was horrified at what she saw.

"This thing that you call the flu, these people are all suffering from it" the doctor said.

"I was on my break when I saw your live Instagram feed, you should be ashamed of yourself, you and the others advocating for everyone to get this disease" he added.

"But, vaccines-"

"Save people, yes they do. They are not a government conspiracy, and no the government does not want to harm you, they want to save you. With what you are doing right now, you and the other Anti-Vaxxers, you want everyone to get the disease. Don't say you don't. You don't want to take one shot, ok, but think how that affects everyone around you. Your family, your friends, your neighbors, whoever does your hair; they will all suffer from this if you don't get the vaccine. Now, please get out" the doctor said.

Jen walked out of the hospital in shock; in tears she said "guys I'm so sorry about what I've done, I'm going to go home".

She ended her Iive video, then walked home in the burning sun.

For Further Reading:

Nicholas Bogel- Burroughs "Anti-Vaccination Activists Are Growing Force at Virus Protests"

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