There are countless lists for everything we hope to have happen during our lifetime but what about the items we hope never happen? Here is a list of 25 things I hope I never have to experience before I die...

1. Run a marathon

2. Go ice fishing

3. Mistake sugar for salt on my Cheerios

4. Hold a tarantula

5. Bring back gauchos

6. Wear a matching outfit with my significant other on a day other than Halloween

7. I will never insult a Croc owner

8. Eat canned tuna

9. Go to prison

10. Kill someone

11. Say the word "moist" out loud

12. Stay the night in a haunted house

13. Wear plaid with stripes

14. Get my tongue pierced

15. Get a face tattoo

16. Hitch Hike

17. Be in a cemetery at midnight

18. Get plastic surgery

19. Eat raw eggs

20. Drink expired milk

21. Walk around the house investigating a noise in the complete darkness

22. Pick up a hitchhiker

23. Repeat a joke EXACTLY like I heard it

24. Get a spray tan

25. Stop liking Mexican food