Anna Nardini Is One of the Worst Characters Ever Created

Anna Nardini Is One of the Worst Characters Ever Created

Why does the whole world seem to hate April when Anna is in the picture???

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It has been years since I've fully finished all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls. So, when I finished an entire rewatch just a mere minute ago, I cried. It has been totally and completely eye opening. I've never realized how annoying some of the characters are. Some I've always hated and still did in this rewatch, but others surprised me this time with how much I actually despise them.

Take Anna Nardini, for instance. I always hated her, but seriously... she is the worst. She never even plans to tell Luke that she has a kid biking around in the biggest pink head protection device I've ever seen. April is the one to track Luke down and to find out that he is her father after conducting a DNA test. All on her own. Anna never wanted Luke to know. And that is just plain RIDICULOUS. HEINOUS. RUDE. DESPICABLE. I hate her.

Anna's reason for not telling Luke is not even valid... He hated kids and they had already broken up anyway... whatever. Luke would've always been a great dad. He proved that with Rory. Christopher was the worst, he was never there and only came around when it worked best for him. Luke was always there, no matter what. Remember when he baked Rory a coffee cake a blew up balloons for her sixteenth birthday?? What a softy. Christopher was no where to be found... he was most likely somewhere cruising around on his motorcycle, yelling at women to take off their shirts.

Luke is always there. However, every single thing that Luke does, Anna jumps on. She practically dissects him when Lorelai helps out at April's party. Every time I watch that episode (Super Cool Party People, if you were curious), I try to look at it from her point of view. I attempt to understand where she is coming from. And sometimes, I get the slightest bit of sympathy for her. She doesn't know Lorelai. But then I recall that if it was the other way around, Anna never would have thought twice about checking with Luke to have her fiance attend April's birthday party. But because Luke does not come into her life until she's twelve, Anna does not have it. Whose fault is that though?!?! All hers.

Luke always would've been the greatest father to April, and once he finally gets settled in that position, Anna up and tells him that she and April are moving to New Mexico. She doesn't even think that she needs to check in with Luke before about it. Luke is April's father and he cares. He wants to be there. Anna has no right to keep April from him longer. And besides, Luke is so open and understanding and willing to let April move; he just wants to see her.

Anna is the absolute worst. Everyone hates April for some stupid reason. She is not the reason Luke and Lorelai broke up. Luke's not perfect. Which is disheartening, because I have convinced myself for years that he is. Luke pushed Lorelai away all on his own. It kills me. But it's true.

April does nothing wrong. It is all Anna Nardini. I despise her. I've never felt more disgraced to share a name with someone.

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