Anjelika Kour: Building An Empire
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Anjelika Kour: Building An Empire

"Technology is never finished."

Anjelika Kour: Building An Empire
via Victoria Levert

Anjelika Kour is the definition of a global entrepreneur. A start-up connoisseur and social-media mogul, Anjelika has created two successful technology-based companies in New York City. Brick&Portal, an online fashion app and Digital Design NYC, a company that designs state-of-the-art apps and revolutionalizes companies. Like many millennials, Anjelika has a passion for innovation and has set out to create her own empire; but her journey has been far from easy. Check out how Anjelika has built and continues to grow her empire below. Want to know what the best part is? SHE'S NOT EVEN 30 YET!!!!

Anjelika's career as an entrepreneur started when she was around six years old living in Barnaul, Russia. She had just returned from Israel with a pristine collection of sea shells she had gathered from the dead sea. Seeing that the seashells were exotic in her hometown, they instantly caught the attraction of those surrounding the young money-maker. People were asking Anjelika if she would sell them; and like any smart businesswoman...she said, yes! Little did she know, the selling of her seashell collection would mark the first step into her life as a global influencer in business, technology, and fashion.

In between traveling around the world as an adult, Anjelika began to notice that she was basically "unmanageable," therefore prompting the start of her first company, Brick & Portal. Anjelika sought to build an app that would change the way people would shop online through social shopping. However, starting this company was far from easy for Anjelika. Between the time that she thought of Brick & Portal and its actual launch in 2015, it took her years to get the actual company and app up and running. Seeing that Brick&Portal is a virtual shopping app it is essentially technology based which means that for its CEO&Founder Anjelika, "it never really feels like anything is complete."

Early on, Anjelika began devoting tremendous amounts of her time to the success of this app. She traveled from Russia to New York countless times during the year tackling treacherous time differences... 11 hours in the summer, 12 in the winter. Basically, when one day was ending for her another was beginning. On top of her grueling travels, Anjelika always felt the responsibility to be around and available for her team seeing that she was their CEO. Ultimately, the fun and excitement Anjelika first felt building her company turned into her questioning herself, "am I going to live like this for the rest of my life?"

However, Anjelika would soon learn that all of her sacrifices were the stepping stones she needed in order to build her very own empire! Thankfully, she did have quite a bit of help from her co-founder, Coco Obayda who helped with the initial design and start-up of Brick&Portal. When it comes to Digital Design NYC, Anjelika receives constant help and guidance from her biggest partner, Amanda Kok. Amanda helps Anjelika with building and designing innovative creations for various start-ups. (P.S. the biggest tip you should be getting right now is that behind every successful entrepreneur is a team!)

Though her start was a bit rocky, Anjelika Kour truly loves what she does. All of the traveling and endless hours she put into Brick & Portal have led to its current success; making it all worth it. In the end, Anjelika simply wants to be remembered as a hard worker, who always fought for a greater good. As an entrepreneur, she never wants to look back at her work and say "I wish I would have done more."

When it comes to this global influencer's motto she instantly heads to a quote by Cadet Prayer of the U.S. Military Academy that states, "...choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong...never be content with a half-truth when the whole can be won."

Make sure to follow Anjelika Kour (@globalnewyorker) on all of her social media platforms including Instagram and Twitter! Also, download the @brickandportal app in the Apple App Store or visit .

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