Animation engages the mind and hearts of the viewers as pictures speak louder than the words

Animation or visual content create a bigger and better impact on the minds of the viewers and thus helps to achieve the target of the business. Animation engages the mind and hearts of the viewers as pictures speak louder than the words.

Production Process of Animation

The animation production process is managed by experts who are experts in providing in depth understanding at each stage of production. We focus to incorporate commercial understanding with creative storytelling. We access the information about your business goals and set measurable goals and deliver to create content that can help to achieve business targets. Even when we are formulating the animation we completely work on the basis of the review from the customers. Our whole pre- production process encircles around the customers reaction. We constantly work to achieve the business goals of your enterprise. Once the final visual and animated content is prepared we divert our energies in getting the customers engaged and optimizing the production to deliver content of highest quality. Our work after the production process is to present a clear direction to distribute the content and optimize it for your audience. Our main focus is to ensure that we produce content to give you measurable results and ensure that the goal of your business is achieved.

The different type of animation videos:

To explain your business objective there are multiple animation styles to choose from to adapt it as a style for your animation video. Amongst the many styles a few of them to name are whiteboard animation, motion graphics, 2Dcharacter animation and 3D animation. Also there are few specialized styles like the stop motion animation that could also deliver good results. At spiel studios we have expertise to deliver any sort of animated video to help you to reach your targeted market. Our dedicated can guide you to choose the animated style that suits best to your requirement. There are many factors that need to be considered when opting for the best suited style for your video. The factors that need to be considered are the style of the video that would generate the most of impactful influence on the relation to your business objectives, the liking of the target audience, production time, cost and the Return on investment that you are likely to generate. W e charge no consultation fees so feel free to join us and ascertain the best explainer video for your specific goals.

How to find the right studio to produce your video?

According to Spiel Studios, it is best to opt for a studio that takes the time and initiative to understand your goals and objectives. In addition, they should ideally be reasonably priced and have a proven track record that demonstrates the quality of their work. For larger projects, the studios that you approach should also be willing to do a creative treatment as part of their pitch to win the work. Each studios creative treatment should map out their creative approach to the work and consequently help you make an informed decision on whom would be best company to partner.

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Things I brought to college I didn't know would be a lifesaver. 

The top 5 things I brought to college I didn't know would be so useful and helpful throughout my first year,

A Trunk

Having a trunk is such a useful purchase! It has so many jobs in my dorm room. I can lock my valuables in it, use it as a step stool, have extra seating for guests when they come in and it can also be used as a table! It's also a cute decoration.


A blessing in disguise. 50% of the time I wear a hat when my hair isn't doing what it is supposed to do. It also adds a little something extra to your outfit!

Fuzzy socks

They're honestly a saving grace! Going to school in such a cold climate, having fuzzy sicks makes everything better. Putting these on while walking around campus or even sitting in your dorm can make any day a little better and more comfortable.

Hamper with wheels

Where I attend college, the laundry room is in the basement and there is no elevator. So having a hamper with wheels has made transporting laundry so much easier.

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To The Celebrities Who Didn't Wear Black To The Golden Globes

In a sea of black, red will shine through.

The Golden Globes were aired this past. If you didn't notice, Hollywood decided to coordinate their color dresses but some celebrities stuck out from the crowd like sore thumbs. The event was meant to advocate for sexual harassment and sexual assault in the entertainment industry and hoped that by making a statement with color, the message would be heard worldwide that women are no longer remaining silent when oppressed by powerful misogynists.

Maybe some missed the memo and decided to roll with it anyway, or they simply chose to remain completely separate from this highly politicized issue. Either way, the time and place for individuality may not have been a place dedicated to activism.

Blanca Blanco and Barbara Meier were among the few women who chose to wear red to the awards ceremony. People had some interesting things to say about it, too:

Some may have responded in rather funny ways, but the root of this issue is anything but humorous. These women made their statements as to why they chose not to dress in black, but people are not accepting these responses as valid.

Blanca Blanco simply responded, “I love red,” which not only refuses to address the actual issue of failure to support, but it does little to really explain her choice. If you ask a football player who refuses to kneel during the anthem why they do it, I’m sure their response wouldn’t be, “I like standing.” Every choice means something, and one can venture a guess that choices made by people of high fame are almost inherently political.

As entertainers and icons, it is important to exercise your voice and be heard and stand up for issues that impact the majority of people. To wear red when women supporting sexual harassment and assault victims are wearing black is not only disrespectful to the cause, it essentially states to these women that what they are advocating for is not worth supporting, or worse, is not worth acknowledging at all.

Cover Image Credit: NBC

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