Instagram is a picture-based social media platform. People share their art, daily lives, and most importantly, animals. Some people even make a living just from their animals' following.

1. Kobikleekiai

Kobi is a very fluffy Alaskan Klee Kia. He enjoys dressing up, treats, and toys! I am in no way biased on this breed, but my mom has one. They are basically smaller huskies (around 25 pounds), with tons of sass!

2. Little_thumbelina_girl

This little squirrel has been featured on The Dodo! She is a squirrel who lives in New York with her human mom and dad, who rescue squirrels. She is obsessed with avocados and arugula parties.

3. Skinnypig.nudiened

This skinny pig (hairless guinea pig), has taken Instagram by storm. His parents pose him with every prop you can think of. Every day he posts a picture recognizing the "National Day," such as National Pizza Day!

4. Ratzfurever

This cute little mischief (the term for a group of rats) are often posed while asleep surrounded by miniature props. Their mom is from New Zealand, and their mischief is made up of 8 rats, all with punny names.

5. Samhaseyebrows

This little dude has eyebrows that would rival Anastasia Beverly Hills makeup models. He enjoys getting into things, and constantly looks nervous.

6. Colin_the_bug_guy

This Instagram account is small, with only a little over 100 followers. This dude is obsessed with bugs and nature pictures. This picture of his spider Princess is breathtaking with her rose color.

7. Dude_the_boston

This Insta-famous dog now has a brother named Bro! Their doggy dad dresses them up head to toe in goggles, vests, and you can't forget the shoes. Their Boston Terrier smiles and fashion choices will brighten up your timeline.

8. Cobythecat

How is this cat more attractive than me? How does it have better eyeliner than me? Coby has the most piercing blue eyes and has gained quite the following. The account is very aesthetically pleasing with the bright whites and neutral backgrounds.

9. Tiny_sweetie

Nancy is a little ball of hamster fluff. Her following may be on the smaller side, but she often gets over 1,000 likes on her most recent pictures. Oh, and her favorite snack is sweet potato flakes!

10. Aqua.zoo

This account shows many animals that are not so fluffy. The account owner, Ryan, has many different types of fish and reptiles, including this gecko, Leo!

11. Boone_the_siberian_cat

Boone is a big fluffy Siberian cat. His thick coat is great for one of his past times: going walking in the woods. His other one is napping.