Republishing my interview with Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate-
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Republishing my interview with Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate-

Andrew and Tristan Tate sit down to talk about their life...

Republishing my interview with Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate-

NOTE: This interview was originally published in December 2021. It was taken down in 2022, following the investigations against Andrew Tate. The interview is up until further notice.



The brothers have owned a number of extremely successful casinos and clubs since 2015. From there, they have since expanded their business pursuits into crypto coaching and trading, online chess classes and personal coaching for their followers. But arguably, they are most famous(or infamous?) for owing their millions to the webcam industry and the girls who work for them.

Get to know more about their life, career as well as what advice they have for people who are just starting out-

Q1. So to start off, tell us a little bit about growing up in Luton…

Tristan - Growing up in Luton, after moving from America, was difficult. The first few months of being there, we lived in a homeless shelter; waiting on the council to provide us with a council house. I used to lie to the other kids when they wanted to come over to my house after visiting theirs.

But I wouldn’t change anything about my upbringing because I believe that all adversity breeds strength. Our mom was wonderful regardless of what little money we had, she still fed us 3 meals a day. She did an amazing job. It doesn’t matter how dire the circumstances were, she was always there.

Q2. What made you pursue kickboxing?

Tristan - There weren't many things to do in Luton, but there was a kickboxing gym called the ‘Storm Gym’. There wasn't anything else. So if you didn’t want to sell drugs, hang out on the street or commit petty crimes, the only choices you had were to go to the gym or to stay home.

Q3. What are some lessons you've learnt on this roller-coaster journey of yours?

Andrew - People throw the term ‘Rags-To-Riches’ around a lot, but you rarely meet anyone who has actually accomplished it. Most people who are born broke stay broke and the people who are born rich have a much better chance of maintaining that wealth.

My life has been a roller-coaster; but throughout the journey you realize who your real friends are, who you can count on, who likes you for who you are (especially when you have come from a council estate where you are sometimes approached by people with bad intentions). And of course, which girls are gold diggers. I have a very good radar for this.

Q 4. Would you care to talk about why you changed your career path and joined the webcam industry ?

Andrew - The concept of making money on the internet is everywhere. Everyone is doing it whether it is through crypto currencies or shopify stores etc. But even 12 years ago, that wasn’t the case. The only real way of making money online from your computer at home was online gambling and scamming people.

The webcam industry is one we came across by accident. We found out from girls we knew, who were webcam models, that they weren’t working from home, but instead, a studio. We had a bunch of pretty girls who we knew and we had the belief that we could do this ourselves, and much better.

Q 5. The webcam industry happens to have created a lot of controversy, especially with the rise of feminism and #Metoo movements. What's your take on this?

Andrew - The MeToo movement has nothing to do with the webcam industry. This industry is a very safe place for women to work. In regards to adult entertainment, the safety increases with the distance from the customer. Escorting is extremely dangerous and stripping also has a level of danger to it, that is why girls give customers fake names. You hear lots of stories of customers becoming obsessed with strippers and following them home.

On the other hand, Webcamming is as far as you can get. You can have a girl in Romania with customers in the USA, China, Russia etc all whilst using a fake name and earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, and nobody has a clue where or who she really is. It has very little to do with the MeToo movement, the only victims are the men who get addicted to it.

Q 6. How do you deal with criticism that comes your way for your career choice?

Tristan - It all depends on who is criticizing us. We usually deal with criticism very well because most of the time it’s coming from people who don’t understand the industry at all. They will call me a pimp or say I have ‘forced’ women to work for us. You can’t force 80 women to work 6 days a week for 10 years straight. It doesn’t work like that. Most of the men who criticize me are customers who suddenly realize the webcam models they have been paying have also been paying for my next Rolls Royce.

Criticism never comes from above; it always comes from below. The majority of criticism is from people who are poorer than me who would love to have become what I am but lack the work ethic.

Q 7. What's your advice for entrepreneurs who are just starting out?

Andrew - Do what you're naturally good at and run with it. If you want to be an entrepreneur, identify what you are good at and apply your skill set to making money. I was good at kickboxing but it didn’t make me any money. I realized that I was good with women and building relationships so that’s why I pursued a career in the adult entertainment industry.

Q8. What does your daily life as a multi millionaire look like?

Tristan - For me personally, I do whatever I enjoy doing. Since I love driving, I’ll get in one of my super cars and drive to Italy or Spain or wherever my fancy takes me. I love traveling and working. At this point, my office is essentially my phone and laptop so I can work from anywhere in the world. I try to live every day to the absolute fullest because you never know when your last day on earth is going to be.

Q9. How is it different from your boxing days?

Tristan - Life is very different from my boxing days. Back then it was very simple; I got up and went to the gym. Social media and other distractions didn’t exist so I would just do what I was good at and train at the gym. I am aware that my life will never be that simple again but even when I was poor, I was happy. I believe that money is an accelerant, if you’re happy then money is going to amplify that, if you’re sad then money is going to spiral you into a self-destructive lifestyle.

Q10 With the rise of Instagram marketing and sites like Only Fans, what makes your website different?

Andrew - Only Fans is slowly killing the webcam industry and that’s why we sold ours during the peak and made millions. It’s the same as when the webcam industry started killing the strip club industry. Now, we own one of the largest international Only Fans management agencies. It comes down to simple business economics: Girls can make more money in a few hours on Only Fans than working at a strip club for a month.

Q11. What measures do you take to protect the women who work for you?

Andrew - The biggest thing we do to protect the women who work for us, along with meeting the normal industry standards, is very carefully look at who their boyfriend is. Will this girl be earning money from me and then giving it to some guy? If so, then I am under the impression that the boyfriend is pimping her out. I’m not interested in funding some loser boyfriend who is sending his girlfriend to my studios, if that’s the case I will always give the girl a choice and explain that she is safe working for us; however, if she is giving her money to someone else then she can’t work for us anymore.

Q12. Can the webcam industry be safe or empowering for women?

Tristan - The E-Girl Industry is one of the most empowering industries for women in the world. Who is going to argue with us? A female judge? A female lawyer? A female Doctor? My sister is a lawyer and I have 18-year-old girls making 5x her annual salary.

Like I said, hate comes from below. The women who come to criticize me are either women who have careers and are much poorer than my girls or girls who are so ugly they couldn’t possibly make that type of money if they did what my girls did.

Q13. In the age of market volatility, how can people increase their personal wealth?

Tristan - There are thousands of ways to increase your income and net worth. If you seat 100 millionaires in a room, and ask each one what they did to make their millions, everyone will have a different answer. For example: I made money from webcam studios; Elon Musk made his first million from PayPal. But for those who are interested in increasing their net worth, they can follow me on Instagram @talismantate.

You can check the Tate Brothers out at-

Andrew Tate-

Instagram – @cobratate

Twitter- @CobraTateKING

Tristan Tate-

Instagram - @talismantate

Twitter - @LivesTalisman

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