An Open Letter To You, The Senior Who Just Got Accepted To Hunter​
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Student Life

An Open Letter To You, The Senior Who Just Got Accepted To Hunter​

Welcome to the nest, soon you'll be soaring.

An Open Letter To You, The Senior Who Just Got Accepted To Hunter​

16 year old me committing to Hunter!

Congratulations on your acceptance to Hunter College! I remember the day I became a Hawk and I now look forward to passing this information on to you!

Main Campus

Hunter has many campuses and dorms. However, the one you will probably find yourself most of the time, if not all the time is the 68th-Lexington Campus. It features four buildings, the West Building, North Building, East Building, and the Thomas Hunter building. Our campus is connected by sky bridges, which is great because we get to see the beautiful scenery.

The Big Apple

Hunter College is in New York, New York. We have many campuses such as the Brookdale Campus, The Silberman School of Social Work, and lastly the 68th Street Campus, aka our main campus. All of our campuses are in NYC, a place you will no doubt have fun in. From the amazing scenery down to the amazing food, NYC is the place to be.

Oh, You're Hungry.

One word - halal. Luckily enough we have our very own halal cart located in front of the North building. The food is quite affordable; you get a tasty filling meal and a drink all for six dollars. If you're not into Halal food, there are many other options such as Chipotle, McDonald's, or even our very own Hawk Cafe! The Hawk Cafe is quick, delicious, and easy, however, be prepared to spend a pretty penny!

Morning Drinker?

By best place to drink you mean coffee right? Hunter is really known as a commuter school that doesn't really have parties. If you're looking for the best place to drink, I'd recommend our very own bookstore Shakespeare and Co for their delicious iced coffees that keep most of awake in our 8 a.m. classes! If you're a tea drinker, Panda has really great boba tea! It tastes great and fits the aesthetic.

It's All About Homecoming!

Homecoming 2018 - Go Hawks!

Hunter is all about school pride. Our most popular events to attend definitely include Homecoming! There is a lot of pride surrounding our sporting events and the bleachers in the gym are always most certainly filled. Basketball usually takes the cake when it comes to sporting events. However, there will always be postings of what events are coming up all over Hunter!

It's Brick With a Side of Sunshine!

Living in New York City, the weather can be pretty much all over the place. I would recommend clothes for all seasons! You're definitely going to need a pair of snow boots and a tank top with matching shorts. Our cold gets very cold with the temperature that feels like you're in the artic and scorching heat that makes you sweat profusely.

Wish Them Luck For The Next Four Years!

Now that you know some of what it's like to be a Hawk. It's time to create your own experience. You'll love it here! Cheers to the next four years!

My First Picture taken at Hunter!

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