An Open Letter to the People I'm Leaving in 2016

An Open Letter to the People I'm Leaving in 2016

I'm entereing 2017 with a positive mind, attitude, and people that do nothing but raise me up


As we approach the end of 2016 I believe reflecting on the year is necessary. There are always good and bad moments, mistakes made, lessons learned, and people that entered, exited, and were cut off. Reflecting allows you to go into 2017 with a fresh start and people that make you happy. This year was a crazy year full of some good and some bad decisions that were made. Huge changes and adjustments occurred which allowed people to show who they really are and if they truly care about you. When this happens it is a blessing in disguise. Situations like this show who you should stop wasting time on and who should be cut off.

At the end of the day, someone who is there to raise you up will prove it. They will support you no matter what, give you chances, and they will always be there for you. Toxic people however, will always make you feel like you will never be good enough. They are manipulative and make you feel like everything is your fault when it isn't. These are the people that should be left in 2016. Cutting negative influences off opens up so many more doors and opportunities to be happy, successful, and it allows more time to be spent with those who truly care about you.

To the people that have shown me they are not positive influences in my life: Thank You. Thank You for giving me the strength to realize I was not happy and I needed to cut you off. I didn't realize how happy I could be until you weren't in my life anymore. To those who cut me off: Thank You for making my job easier and proving that you aren't worth staying with me in 2017. To those who are afraid to cut people off: You are only hurting yourself. Cutting people off is healthy for both you and the other person, it will allow you to be happier in the end. Don't allow others to step on you and think it's okay because it's not.

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