Hey there,

I have so much to say to you, but absolutely nothing to say at the same time. I mean how can I put into words what you mean to me and what all we’ve been through? You’re my best friend, but you’re also the boy I’ve had a (not so) secret crush on for the past 3 years.

From the very start of our friendship, everyone told us that we needed to date. Of course being the awkward youngins we were, we thought that idea was absurd. If only we knew what our friendship would become. We were never an “official item,” but everyone knew we were the school's power couple. We were the epitome of relationship goals. Of course, this was when you weren’t going after other girls, but we won’t dwell on your mistakes. I’m just glad you knew that I would still be there waiting for you, even when you may have ignored me for them. Again, let’s not dwell on your mistakes.

They say if you have a crush on someone for more than 4 months, then you’ve already fallen in love with that person. I would have to agree with them. I always thought that meant you were supposed to imagine yourself with them and a white picket fence, but I realized there are so many different ways to feel love. I love you because you are the person I know I can always talk to. I love you because you are the one that can always make me happy no matter what. I love you because you know everything there is to know about me. I love you because I know when I’m with you, I won’t be judged. I love you because you are the best friend I could possibly ask for.

Through all of my ups and downs, you have always been the one I can count on. I know I will always be able to count on you, even if we haven’t talked in years. I’m sure there will come a day when you find a girl that will replace me in your life, and I’ll be fine with that because I will always be happy as long as you’re happy.

I guess I should conclude this with apologizing for my abundance of emotions, but I think I had some things to tell you that I don’t know if I could in person. I hope this doesn’t scare you too much.