Dear Best friend,

Well, here we are our Junior year of college and wow have we come a long way. The first time we met was pretty much by chance if it wasn’t for that annoying girl running through the line who knows where we would be today. It was the Welcome Weekend at school and of course, they had tons of things planned for us. At the time I had two roommates and I liked one of them, I was almost convinced she was going to be my only friend. That is until the day of Convocation. You remember convocation when the school basically told us about all their accomplishments and how great they were and how the next four years were going to be filled with opportunities and fun. Which some have been true (LOL). Anyway, it was the day of Convocation and it wasn’t a surprise that Taylor and I were running a little late. We had to make our way all the way up to the football field from Oyaron. We were at the gym and Taylor stopped to talk to her mom and I didn’t want to be any later than I already was so I continued without her(knowing I was about to be encountered with a bunch of people I didn’t know). But I guess I didn’t really care anymore.

When I got up there they put us in line, standing next to complete strangers, great. For some reason many people made that simple task very difficult for the leaders that weekend. So of course they were all running around. This one girl was running up and down the line yelling things and going crazy over little things so of course I just turned around and said some obnoxious comment . I think you laughed at the joke whether, I still don’t know if it was because it was actually funny or you were just trying to be nice. Finally we were allowed to go to the gym to listen to them talk and the way the line was set up we sat next to each other and the whole time we pretty much both made random comments about the presentation the whole time. So maybe the comments I made earlier didn’t seem all that bad to you. We figured out we were in the same group which would mean we had class together. Even with that I doubt we would’ve been that close if we only had class together plus you had another very close friend at the time so I thought I was always going to feel uncomfortable/ no included. Time has come to show that is not true.

There are so many things I could thank you for throughout our many years of friendship but I’ll start with fifteen of them

Thank you for...

  1. Being there for me on my best days and my worst days
  2. Reading my papers (even when I finish them late at night) and giving me actual critique on them
  3. For watching movies and buying me pizza when my heart was broken by yet another stupid boy
  4. For spending 24/7 in my room freshman year even though the was walk was brutal. Especially in the snow
  5. For showing me its okay to not always be strong about everything
  6. Pushing me to see more in myself than I ever have
  7. Keeping me from making bad decisions but also letting me make some bad decisions so that I could learn from them
  8. Not sugarcoating everything because sometimes the brutally honest truth is better to hear
  9. Treating me like family when they weren’t around
  10. Watching me grow and never judging me
  11. Bringing out kindness in me when I thought all I had of it was gone
  12. Pushing me to get better grades
  13. Always being one phone call away
  14. Making late night Walmart trips with me
  15. Being you

Who knows where I would be without. I thank you for all of this and so much more. We don’t know where life will take us after college and what obstacles we will face during our life but at least I know I’ll always have a friend like you.

Much Love, Alpha Love

Your best friend

Your sister