Every November first marks the official end of the Halloween season when in the blink of an eye, the spookiness of the season simply disappears to the Autumn winds without a passing glance. Sure, we still have PS latte's for a time and all the deliciousness of the Fall season, but all the ghosts and goblins and Halloween stores are simply packed up and put to rest for another year. All that is alright, I guess. Holidays and traditions pass and go as the seasons do. But, there is still one thing that boggles my mind… HOW QUICKLY CHRISTMAS COMES TO TOWN!!!

Every single year, Christmas seems to come sooner and sooner (an old cliche, yes, but that's because it is so true!). This year, in particular, my world was absolutely ROCKED when Hallmark Channel announced that their Countdown to Christmas specials would start… ON OCTOBER 26TH!!! Four days before Halloween! Not only that, but the department stores seem to only have Halloween of Fall decor up for just a bit, then the MASSIVE hall of Christmas and winter decorum flood the aisles. And when this happens, the fabulous, festive, freaks come out to purge.

I LOVE Christmas. It is one of my two favorite Holidays, but to all of you decorate SUUUUPER early for Christmas… could you just… hold off a liiiittle while longer?

Listen, it is wonderful to start spreading holiday cheer and begin the festivities. There are even studies that show that decorating for Christmas early makes folks happier (SEE HERE: https://www.travelandleisure.com/holiday-travel/christmas-travel/decorate-for-christmas-earlier-happier)! And that is wonderful, but… aren't you taking things a bit too fast, holding them out for too long, and quite possibly… deleting some of the magic in doing so?

My thoughts: Those exact kinds of feelings and good tidings are exactly what Thanksgiving stands for too. To completely overlook an entire holiday that celebrates gratitude and being thankful for all the blessings in your life seems a bit short-sighted, as it is the perfect jumping off point for festivity and cheer, and not to mention all the delicious food! Also, and this is just me… I think I am now, more than ever, aware and mindful of how a view, experience, and treat time.

I cannot tell you how many people I have heard talk about lost time, time they can't get back, clinging to the old days, being lost in memories of simpler times when they were younger, on and on… So it just makes me a bit wary when it seems like all people want to do is simply blow through time, and in my opinion, not taking the precious time to enjoy EVERY wonderful experience on the road of life is not the key to a life worth living. At least, not living to its fullest.

So… maybe hold off on those wreaths and mistletoe for a bit, and perhaps enjoy the aroma of pumpkin spice and the presence of fallen leaves just a little while longer. Even if just this year. What do you think?