Before You Start Celebrating Christmas, Here Are 60 Things To Be Thankful For

Each November, we are all bombarded with Christmas decorations, commercials, and music. It's like the day after Halloween is the official date to start making your wish lists, and buying Christmas trees. What happened to Thanksgiving, though? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Christmastime. I love the smells, the decorations, the songs, the food, and of course the cookie baking for Santa himself... but I feel like so many people rush forward into the Christmas spirit so fast that they forget everything they have to be thankful for. I have a list miles long of SO many things to be thankful for, and in case you don't - here are a few things to get your own started.

1. God.

You are loved by an all-powerful, all-knowing God - one who loves you despite the mistakes you may make.

2. Parents.

Your parents are the people who always have your back. They always support you, they love you, and they'll always be there for you. Be thankful for every minute you have with them because one day you'll wish you had them.

3. Friends.

Friendships are precious. New or old, they are the people that you choose to surround yourself with, to love, and to make memories with. Don't take them for granted.

4. Freedom.

Not every country has the freedom that we, here in the United States, have. We have the freedom to say what we want, to bear arms, and to believe the things we want.

5. Memories.

Memories are forever. Hold on to them.

6. Weekends.

Saturday and Sunday are the best days of the week, am I right? Sleeping in, no makeup, and pajamas all day - it's the perfect combination.

7. Cellphones.

No matter how far away you are, you can connect with millions of people through a single handheld piece of metal and glass - including your parents, best friends, and your twitter followers.

8. Mistakes.

Mistakes teach us so much. It's important to remember that when things are going wrong.

9. Ice Cream.

The cool, sweet, milky ice cream that is incredible - any time of year. Nothing is better for a night in, or a break down over finals.

10. Books.

A book is a one-way ticket into a whole new world. You can immerse yourself in a mystery, helping a detective - or you can even follow a love story start to finish. It's a beautiful thing.

11. Fresh Air.

The air we breathe keeps us going - literally. We are blessed that it is clean. Nothing beats the fresh air.

12. Clean Water.

Clear, cool, beautiful, water. Drinkable water is a privilege.

13. Siblings.

They're your first friends, your favorite playmates, and your biggest annoyance. You might hate them, but you've gotta love them too.

14. Laughter.

A laugh is the best thing for you sometimes, and the best ones come out of nowhere - and they're harder than ever to stop.

15. Long Talks.

A long talk with a good friend is good for the soul, and it's definitely something to be thankful for.

16. Tears.

Tears of sadness or tears of joy, they are good for the soul. Sometimes all a person needs is a good cry.

17. Sunsets.

The beautiful colors of the sky are incredible during the darkest of times. They have a way to make the world look that much more beautiful.

18. Waking Up Each Day.

Once again, not a luxury that many are blessed with. Live for the moment - it won't last forever.

19. Sunshine.

The feeling of the warm sun on your face is a feeling that can't be beaten.

20. Employment.

Jobs are scarce, and even if yours is tough - it's better than not having one.

21. Music.

Music is the cure for everything - and I mean everything.

22. Netflix.

Netflix is everyone's weak spot - along with binge-watching your favorites.

23. Children.

They're the future of this world, and they make the hard days even better.

24. Financial Aid.

College is expensive, and so financial aid is something that everyone loves.

25. Health.

You're breathing, your body is working, and you're alive.

26. Blanket Forts.

The best parts of my childhood take place in pillow forts.

27. Candy.

The color, the taste, the candy.

28. Mexican Food.

Need I say more?

29. Rainbows.

Every color that makes up the world in a supernatural version of the light. It's gorgeous.

30. Pets.

Pets are the happiness in life. They bring so much joy.

31. The Armed Forces.

They protect us. They risk their lives for us. They die for us.

32. Coffee.

Because mornings are hard, y'all.

33. Opportunities.

Not everyone can go to college, not everyone can afford it.

34. Google.

Have a question? Google has the answer.

35. Wine.

It's the key to all bad days or long days. Whether it's white, red, or even a mixture of both.

36. A Bed.

Late nights, early mornings - the bed is everyone's favorite place.

37. Family Vacations.

Family is everything, and spending vacations with them is so important. Memories made will last forever.

38. Sleep.

Sleep heals. It heals sickness, a bad day, a grumpy attitude, or even a case of eating wayyy too much.

39. The Snooze Button.

Because sometimes, five more minutes are just a necessity.

40. The Beach.

The way the waves wash up on the sand is the most amazing sight, and the sound of them could put anyone to sleep.

41. Pajamas.

Pajamas are the clothing everyone wants to wear to work, but no one ever does. They are soft, warm, and downright comfy.

42. Chocolate.

No explanation needed.

43. Colorful Pens.

Even I'll study my notes if they're written in bright blue.

44. Photos.

Sometimes, they're all you have left of the people you love. Cherish them.

45. Planners.

Let's face it - they're the only reason we can function.

46. Teachers.

Teachers have gotten us where we are, regardless of how much we liked or disliked them. They taught us the essentials, from writing our names to long division.

47. Sweatpants and Leggings

The most comfortable things our legs have ever felt.

48. T-Shirts.

T-shirts are God's gift to us all.

49. Safety.

The people who keep us safe, the police officers, the EMTs, the firefighters - they risk their lives for us. They provide us with safety, and we have got to be thankful for them.

50. S'Mores.

Chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers - all melted together into the heaven of all bonfires.

51. Good Hair Days (and ponytail holders for the bad ones).

Our hair doesn't always want to do right, so we've gotta be thankful for the days that it's just right.

52. Thank You Notes.

They're more meaningful than a text, I promise.

53. Flowers.

They're beautiful, they're colorful, and they smell better than anything you'll find in the perfume section.

54. Yearbooks.

Remember the high school friends that you had, the Friday night football games, the awards you won, and most of all - the best of times.

55. Comfort Food.

There's nothing like comfort food on a bad day.

56. Concerts.

The way a concert feels has no competition. The rush, the adrenaline, and the excitement - they're the best.

57. Long Bubble Baths.

The hot water, bubbles, candles, and quiet are welcome. Throw in a glass of wine and a good book and you can be there for hours.

58. Snail Mail.

There's just something incredible about a handwritten letter. The smudges, crossed out words, and aging ink just remind you that everyone makes mistakes - but that doesn't mean they're done with their story.

59. The Internet.

it's given us incredible opportunities, and without it our world would be much different now.

60. Life.

Live your life, love your life, be thankful for your life.

Just take a minute and be thankful. Christmas will be there when Thanksgiving is over, I promise.

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