You have influenced my life so greatly; I honestly can't say I would be where I am without you. I never in my dreams would have dreamt a friendship so deeply passionate as ours. I never could have painted a portion of the picture-perfect moments we have captured throughout the years, written a story close to what we have written, or sang a song that strokes the chords of my heart like the way I feel traveling with you does.

John Denver.
The mossy trails and majestic waterfalls of Oregon.
The highest peaks of the Rockies.
Luxurious 5th avenue shops.
Fine dining in the Russian Tea Room downtown New York City.
Front row at our favorite Broadway musicals.
Long nights under the stars in your backyard drinking cabernet.
Summer jeep rides on gravel roads in Iowa.
Surprise visits.
Random tattoo sessions.
Dancing in the middle of a crowd anywhere.
Humming softly to Frank Sinatra

That pretty much sums it up. US. The two bestest of friends there could ever be. Search for someone who fills your soul with life, and never let them go.