An Open Letter to My Great Grandpa

An Open Letter to My Great Grandpa

If i could pick one person dead or Alive to have dinner with it would be you!

Cassi Burgin

Dear Grandpa Burgin,

You passed away when my dad was still growing up so my only choice is to know you through the stories he tells. I must say I feel like I know you pretty well just from what I hear but I wish I could have had the chance to meet you myself.

If someone were to ask me the question "If you could pick one person dead or alive to have dinner with, who would you pick? You would be my answer because it's one thing to hear stories about the man you were but it's another thing to be able to know you in person.

When my dad tells stories about you his face instantly lights up, he loves sharing memories and he is a great storyteller. I hear that he get's that from Boppa, but I wonder if Boppa got that from you. I know my dad get's that from Boppa because I get told that's where I get it from. So is it a family thing? Were you an awesome story teller yourself or did that come from somewhere else?

That's not the only question I would ask you though, and maybe once I get my questions out my dad or aunt can answer them for you. If I was sitting in your kitchen having dinner with you and Grandma Burgin I'd ask you the following questions:

1. How and where did you meet Grandma?

2. What was it like growing up in a big family, you had what, 4 siblings?

3. Why did you get into the Jewelry Business and how long did you have the store in Unadilla?

4. What town did you grow up in?

5. What was it like before cell phones and normal landlines?

6.Who are you standing with in the only picture I could find of you? (my dad doesn't know but I bet Your oldest grandchild does)

I have a million and two more questions for you but that is because I like to talk and love learning. I'd love to know what life was like back when you were growing up and about the world you raised your children in. I know from history class that the world was a different place but it's cool to have the perspective of someone from my family who lived it.


your 8th and youngest great grandchild

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