An Open Letter To My Family And Friends In The New Year
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Dear Friend,

I want to wish you congratulations for making it through the worst year ever. You fought through pain, anxiety, suffering, tears, economic ruin, and loss. This year forced all of us to change our way of living. No matter what obstacles came your way, you pushed forward, supported each other (even from a distance), and kept the faith going. You developed as a person and learned to stay safe, strong, and creative. Be proud of what you managed to accomplish.

As the year 2020 came to an end, you felt that 2021 could not arrive soon enough. Since many places had to close temporary and some for good, it was okay to feel angry and sad. Due to circumstances that were beyond your control, you possibly lost someone that you knew, had to say goodbye to your favorite restaurant or missed out on fun events, but tried to turn your negative emotions into positive ones.

Remember to not only think about yourself, but also the people around you. Try to do something nice for someone else without expecting to be rewarded. Use the gifts that you were given to make the world a better place instead of always depending on others. Donating to a charity, using social media to connect with family, writing letters to veterans, sending medical supplies or becoming a virtual tutor are just some ways to help. You can also contribute to the community by just doing something simple like following the CDC safety guidelines of wearing a mask, washing your hands and staying 6 feet apart.

Only physically distance yourself, but never socially distance. The term 'social' is unrelated to staying away from friends and family. The phrase "social distancing" appears to be telling you to cut off communication from people during a critical period when we need to interact with others (in a safe manner) to avoid depression and loneliness. While Zoom is terrible and it does not making speaking with others easy, it's still a way to interact and after all learning to adapt is what got you thought the year.

If there is someone toxic in your life, then make it your propriety to remove them. Only by surrounding yourself (virtually for the time being) with those who will encourage and radiate positive vibes will you feel much better. While you do have family and friends that are supportive, not everyone will be as kind. You must only choose to stay in contact with people who will support your dreams and goals instead of those who doubt you all the time.

In 2021, remind your family and friends that you care about them and will continue being there even when you are apart. Be more honest with yourself and others. Make smarter choices, educate yourself by reading for at least 30 minutes a day, and practice yoga or mediation whenever you feel overwhelmed. Society will only become a stronger and happier place through your thoughts and actions.

While the previous year was a chaotic journey from start to finish, you still persevered. Hopefully you are now a better person than you were before, and will continue to remain hopeful and make significant changes. The world has gone through a terrible year, but only with your support can it fully recover, so let's work towards creating a brighter and safer future for everyone.



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