An Open Letter To My Dads Best Friends

An Open Letter To My Dads Best Friends

Thank you for loving him and me


Dear My Dad's Best friends,

This letter is a sincere thank you for everything you do and have done for us. In the past few months I have witnessed on so many occasions why he thinks so highly of the two of you. We all have people in our lives who we can count on,I call them rocks. Well you are his,you have picked him up when he was down and set him back on course. I have seen how you will drop anything the second my dad needs something and please know you were the first and only person he had to call.

This isn't just a thank you for that but it's a thank you for loving me. I know that he appreciates that and that he loves that you have done that. Not only have you been there to set him straight when he was down but you have picked me up by my boot straps and set me straight. When my best friend moved away and I felt like i had nobody left in New York you showed me how wrong I was. When you invited him over you invited me to. That made the process of loosing my best friend to another state so much easier. It didn't allow me to mope around the house about the missing presence or wallow. In fact it made me feel like I didn't have time to do either of those things.

You both have made me realize it's not about how many friends I have at home it's about who I have. Numbers don't matter because in the end you only need those who truly care. You only needs those who are not going to walk out when it seems as though the rest of the world has turned their back. Thank you for showing me that and for being those who I know are not going to walk away.

There is a running joke in our house about not getting a dog. It will never happen because we have cats but when the topic arises my dad says that I don't need a dog because I can come visit yours. The first time I met Shady it was as if he had knew before he even met me. I remember sitting in the living room and petting him the whole time we were warms my heart when Barley greats us in the front yard almost every time we come over and how he loves to be right there with everyone. I love that Abby is starting to love me to and that she will take treats from me and give kisses. I know how big a step that is for her.

I never feel like a tag a long when my dad brings me to your house and that is because I am always welcomed. There hasn't been one moment where I have felt like I didn't belong. You have always welcomed me with open arms,hugs and lots of fist bumps! Thank you for everything!


your Best Friend's Daughter

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