An Open Letter to Meryl Streep From Someone Who Didn't Vote For Trump
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An Open Letter to Meryl Streep From Someone Who Didn't Vote For Trump

You had a chance to bring us together, and you spread hate across America, instead.

An Open Letter to Meryl Streep From Someone Who Didn't Vote For Trump
ABC News

Dear Meryl,

You're a renowned actress with a lot of talent. You've been nominated for 19 Academy Awards, and won three. I, and millions of others around the world are very big fans of yours. This is why your speech at the Golden Globes disappointed me immensely.

To be honest, I thought it was a tad uneducated and formed on the many false interpretations and exaggerations that the left has created regarding the President-elect. I think that you’re a woman with a lot of influence on the world, and that you completely disrespected our President Elect in front of millions of viewers, including young adults and adolescents. Your speech could have made a lot of positive impact, but you chose to use a very bias way of thinking to turn it into something hateful.

According to you, Trump is kicking everyone out. I want to nip this point in the bud. I guarantee that you, and any other far-left individuals that continue to complain about Trump winning this election, have not actually done a significant amount of research on his real plans regarding immigration. He does not want to “kick out” any of your foreign acting colleagues. He wants to make sure that Americans have the rights to job opportunities first. He wants immigrants to work legally and wholesomely to make sure they are financially sufficient for themselves. And he also wants to make sure that people who are working hard for their money don’t have to support illegal immigrants. So, unless you’re willing to give a big chunk of the millions of dollars you’re making per movie to immigrants who aren’t working, yet receiving the benefit of your hard work, go right ahead. But Trump will be the reason that the rest of us don’t have to.

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You believed the media's interpretation of Trump "imitating" a disabled reporter. I think we all can agree that Trump has a tough time with communication. However, I’m sure we can all also agree that drawing conclusions based on a biased point of view, and broadcasting them to the world, isn’t a great form of communication either. If you take a look at this excerpt from the campaign in which Trump is talking about Ted Cruz, he does the same arm-flailing movement that he did when talking about Serge Kovlaski. Cruz doesn’t have a disability, Trump was just speaking with his hands. Regardless, the motion isn’t respectful in either sense, Trump wasn’t intentionally imitating a disability. You say the press is the holder of the truth, and must be protected, yet you’re believing in a specific version of the truth that caters to your ideals.

You say, “disrespect invites disrespect,” yet you stand in front of millions and disrespect our President-elect, soon to be the most powerful man in the World. Did you not just teach young adults and adolescents everywhere that it’s OK to mock and preach distaste? Maybe it’s just me, but I grew up in a home that taught me how to respect others, regardless of my personal feelings towards them. Like I said before, you are a very powerful woman that influences many. So, rather than showing the world that it’s OK to spread hate because you don’t necessarily agree with someone’s ideals, teach them that respect is more likely to promote and create change.

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You and the rest of Hollywood have no place in politics. I’m sorry, but at the end of the day, as you stand there in your Givenchy dress surrounded by millionaires, have no right to speak down to a man that promotes hard-working America. You don’t get to stand up for the rights of illegal immigrants who live off of our hard-earned tax money. And you don’t get to pretend like you relate to America’s middle to lower class as one of society’s elite.

Mark Wahlberg said it perfectly, “they might buy your CD or watch your movie, but you don’t put food on their table. You don’t pay their bills. A lot of Hollywood is living in a bubble. They’re pretty out of touch with the common person, the everyday guy out there providing for their family.”

Listen, Meryl, I’ve always loved your work. I think you’re an incredible actress and I would still grovel if I got to meet you one day. But this speech does not make me proud to be your fan.

Also, we like football and mixed martial arts. Just because most American’s aren’t part of Hollywood’s artistry, doesn’t mean we’re a bunch of barbarians.

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