An Open Letter To Girls About To Experience Sorority Recruitment Week
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An Open Letter To Girls About To Experience Sorority Recruitment Week

Go where your heart tells you to.

An Open Letter To Girls About To Experience Sorority Recruitment Week

Dear Girl,

First off good luck! I know you are probably anxious, excited, nervous, annoyed, worried, explosive, antsy, and every other emotion. You have had an entire semester to consider which house you wish to be apart of someday. You have talked for hours on what you like about this house and what you aren't fond of in that house, and what you heard about those houses. But, one of the most important things to keep in mind when beginning the official recruitment process is to keep a completely open mind. Forget everything you have ever thought, said, or heard before, throw out every opinion your friends have given you, and indulge in every conversation you undergo for those long few days.

If you go into rush blocked off to every other house because you "know" that you are "meant" to be in a specific house, you are not going to have a pleasant couple days. If you go into rush with your mind already made you are not going to have valid conversations with any of the other awesome girls at the other houses. And just because you are dead-set on a certain chapter, does not necessarily mean they will pick you. With that said, keep a very, very, open mind and heart.

Remember that the conversations are awkward for both you and the sorority girl talking to you. The process is not easy for either of you, so do not worry. That girl knows what you are going through and does not want to make it any harder on you than it already is. She is trying to get to know you and sell you on the chapter, just as much as you are trying to sell yourself and get to know the chapter. It is an even exchange, don't be shy it'll make things much smoother. Most importantly, just be calm and be yourself.

Trust your instincts. Before deciding your top house, keep quiet. Don't talk to your friends, just fill out your card with your first and second choice and let it be. Going where your friends go is so dumb. You are your own person. You have your own interests and personality. If you both happen to choose the same house then that's awesome! You'll love it. But, if you think your friendship will hinder because of joining different sororities, then you probably are not that great of friends anyway. It is very similar to when you and your high school friends chose colleges. You put yourself as first priority when choosing which school is best for you, fit your lifestyle best and a multitude of reasons. It is likely you didn't choose your university based on your girlfriends. You decided by considering what would be best for you and that happen to be the same reasons that your friend thought it fits her best too. You should do the same when choosing which Greek chapter is best for you.

Relax. You are going to be fine. I know and completely understand how scary and intimidating it all is. But, you will end up where you are supposed to be. You might not see it initially, but in the long run it all works out the way it should.

Some final words - go in with an open mind, positive attitude, and smile. Enjoy the ride, it'll be over before you know it. And in a few Sunday's you will be screaming running to a house with your new "sisters." Good luck!


A girl who's trying to help

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