An Ode To Lazy Saturdays
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An Ode To Lazy Saturdays

Saturday is more exciting than you think.

An Ode To Lazy Saturdays
Kit Johns

Saturday is my favorite day of the week. While the other days of the week are all busy being full of things to do, people to see, the expectation of activity, Saturdays are allowed to be lazy. Saturdays are allowed to be the day when you can wake up in your own time. Eat an actual breakfast. Make a decent cup of coffee and stare out into the endless possibilities of Saturday. You can sit back, relax, and read a book if you want. You can finally binge that show on Netflix everyone's been talking about. You can simply lie down and watch as life tries to flow through the void. Saturday is the day to do it.

But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't do something on Saturday. Like I said, it is full of endless possibilities. That means that you can do anything. On a Saturday, you could go for a walk somewhere in nature, whether that's to your local park, down by the water, or through that creepy tunnel of trees that always seems to be making a weird sound but that you never had the time before to investigate. You could do something spontaneous, like go out for a night on the town, or even finally visit that demon that's been making noise in your attic. It's probably lonely and could use some company.

Or better yet, you could be totally adventurous. Schedule a sky diving lesson. Try your hand at sword fighting. Set out on a long journey with a lot of walking that will ultimately culminate in you becoming irrevocably changed before you return. There are just so many possibilities on a Saturday.

Saturday is also a great day to start enacting changes in your life. For example, if you've been meaning to get your hair cut but never got around to it, maybe consider scheduling a hair appointment for some time in the afternoon. If you have some time, try going to that gym down the street you've been looking to check out. Maybe confront that lingering sense of dread that's been hovering over you since three Tuesdays ago. Saturday is definitely a good day to shake off the void of existence that creeps up around Tuesday.

So next time you find yourself blessed with the presence of a Saturday, use that day to enjoy yourself. It won't last as long as you may like, so make the most of it. It may feel like Saturday is going by faster than thought is able to process. Like Saturday lives in this alternate dimension of time, separate from the rest of the week, in a cruel joke to try and convince you that Saturday is the day you are least likely to enjoy due to its fleeting nature. This is a lie. Do not believe this lie the universe tells you. Saturday is full of infinite possibilities and options. All you have to do is go look for it.

Saturday. Do not give in to the lies.

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