To my own body,

I'm sorry, I know I suck for not treating you right, I eat really badly, I don't exercise nearly enough, and I don't really go to bed at a specific time consistently. We've been through a lot together, 20 years worth of stuff to be exact and the bad treatment started when high school began. Five years of marching band, two years of lacrosse and what has that gotten us? A lot of pain, cortisone shots in the knee and the need for caffeine to be so strong that I become a little goblin if I don't get it.

I used to abuse you in high school, I pushed myself to new limits so then I could set myself up nicely for Big 10 marching band and lacrosse, obviously those things didn't happen, and now we are here, in Ohio, not in band or in lacrosse, but dealing with a knee issue at the age of 20, that could very well lead to surgery later on in life. I pushed myself to make dad proud for marching band, I pushed myself in lacrosse to make the family in general proud, but I didn't really think about you, the one that LITERALLY holds me up.

I even treated you badly when it came to mental and emotional, I let my anxiety go unnoticed to where eventually I crumbled under the pressure and created a deep pit for us to where I didn't want to leave my bed or do anything, I just cried by myself with you there to help me, but you were tired too and you just rolled over and went back to bed yourself.

But hey, we are getting to a healthier life, I'm starting to eat better, I'm exercising more because I'm in a class and I have to go because attendance is mandatory but that's beside the point! We are getting there! I stopped drinking pop, now we are only on tea and then water and sports drinks. We have a wonderful boyfriend who cares the most for us and wants us to get better. We are surrounded by great friends and are well on our way to getting a great job in a really great field. We got help for our anxiety and depression through medication and got off of it safely by the help of boyfriend, and now we are happy without the medication, sometimes we have flare-ups and that's okay.

We still aren't perfect, and that's okay, we are still working to improve in every aspect but we are still young, things can still change, and you're about to start your new life in a new state, with your man, and in your dream job. So keep truckin', girly. We got this. You're almost to graduation and almost to your new chapter in life.

Love you long time.