An Anchor In The Unknown

An Anchor In The Unknown

In less than two weeks I'll be embarking on my own American Horror Story - moving hundreds of miles away from home.


A new season of "American Horror Story" begins in a month. Cryptic and creepy photos promoting the sixth season have been all over my Facebook feed for weeks now, and they don't serve as any cause of clarification for the theme of the new episodes, rather, they end up confusing and intriguing me. I want to know what it's going to be about and what's going to happen now, I don't want to wait until September.

Even greater than that curiosity is that of my own little American Horror Story. Next week I'll be moving to college. College. Wasn't I just attending my first day of high school? The walk up the steps to my first day of classes four years ago feels like yesterday. The way time has flown by is more frightening than any dictionary ghouls or monsters portrayed on a TV show. Before I know it I'll be putting the sheets on my new bed, hundreds of miles away from my old one. Everything I know will be flipped upside down. I'm awaiting this change with impatience and excitement. I want to know everything - where I'll sit for lunch, how I'll like my classes, what dorm life will be like, etc. Everything about the next year of my life is a greater mystery than that of a TV series.

Last night, I found myself in stitches and erupting with laughter along with the three people who know me best. Sitting there, in complete bliss, I was hit by the fact that all of that was about to change. I'm about to move far away from these people who know my heart like the back of their hands. That too struck me more profoundly than any silver screen jump scare. As fast as the past four years have gone, everything I've come to know then will change. Quickly, too.

Only one thing will remain an absolute constant in this sea of change - my rock and redeemer. As my good friend pointed out to me the other evening, "Your whole world is about to widen. The one thing that won't change is your root in Christ." The longer I've contemplated her comments, the more their truth resounds with me. Though there may be some nervousness mixed in with the excitement for this next season, it's eradicated in the truth that Christ has been with me until now, and He will continue to be with me. As sure as the sun will set and rise again, my redeemer will continue to uphold His promises to me.

A new season of "American Horror Story" will premiere and the mystery surrounding it's theme will be solved. A new chapter in my life will begin and God will carry me through. While both these statements are true, the second brings with it an eternal joy that outweighs any fears I may have about these next months.

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