Why You Should Look Forward To "An Addicting Picture"

Why You Should Look Forward To "An Addicting Picture"

A man must prove he's not an addict after a psychic tells his fiancé not to marry him, all because of one picture.

It is 2017 and it is just beginning, but the year of movies is ahead of us in a big way. From Marvel to DC to Indie films premiering at Sundance, it is only just beginning. Still, those are the films we are expected to see all over social media and Twitter. We, as watchers, are expecting all these films to come out; but, the ones we are not expecting are the gems we rarely see until they are buried in Netflix. At that moment is when we realize how wonderful they actually were and are gutted we missed the premiere of them.

Let’s not do that this time. The film, "An Addicting Picture" (CineProductions) is all the mystery, drama and twists you need from a singular film. There are no sequels, no brainwashing, they are real mystery, drama and twist plots. Something we do not genuinely see very often in film. They all came unquestionably natural to the big screen, that was no problem for this dynamic cast.

From the dynamic cast to the amazing make-up artists, to Jacob N. Stuart directing and writing the whole shindig with the help of Puja Pandey, what more could a film watcher want?

I suppose you might want some more information about why you should check this film out...

This film is the definition of minimalism; if you are looking for a simple setting with insane twists, you got it. This film takes place in one location, with only eight or nine characters and minimal, if at all, special effects. As much as we are fans of our action movies, it is about time a simple film with a solid plot was in the making. A film that will not require us to have a forced gasp moment, every second of every scene. That is getting tiring to foreshadow most of the gasp moments in a film. The placement is just perfect in An Addicting Picture, nothing is forced, nothing is misplaced.

What makes this film unlike any other is the use of having one setting in Chicago, one place in time, a downtown penthouse (top floor), and fantastic actors to rely on to make that one setting perfect.

Stars such as Sarah Jeanette Taylor and Michael Herman are starring in this film and cinematographer, Tom Dallis is also a part of this astonishing team.

If you are looking for a film that is excellent, with the fantastic work of actors who did perfectly then, once again, this is it. An Addicting Picture will have you addicted to a picture and by the time you know it, you might solve the twist at the end yourself. That is... if you look closely.

If you want to look closely at this film, they are all over the internet. You can check out Stuart and Pandey’s new film An Addicting Picture on Twitter, Facebook, and IMDB.

The film is currently in post-production and expected to premiere this spring. You can watch the trailer below for a sneak peak at the mysterious twisty drama instilled in An Addicting Picture.

Cover Image Credit: Jacob Stuart

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Sorry Not Sorry, My Parents Paid For My Coachella Trip

No haters are going to bring me down.

With Coachella officially over, lives can go back to normal and we can all relive Beyonce’s performance online for years to come. Or, if you were like me and actually there, you can replay the experience in your mind for the rest of your life, holding dear to the memories of an epic weekend and a cultural experience like no other on the planet.

And I want to be clear about the Beyonce show: it really was that good.

But with any big event beloved by many, there will always be the haters on the other side. The #nochella’s, the haters of all things ‘Chella fashion. And let me just say this, the flower headbands aren’t cultural appropriation, they’re simply items of clothing used to express the stylistic tendency of a fashion-forward event.

Because yes, the music, and sure, the art, but so much of what Coachella is, really, is about the fashion and what you and your friends are wearing. It's supposed to be fun, not political! Anyway, back to the main point of this.

One of the biggest things people love to hate on about Coachella is the fact that many of the attendees have their tickets bought for them by their parents.

Sorry? It’s not my fault that my parents have enough money to buy their daughter and her friends the gift of going to one of the most amazing melting pots of all things weird and beautiful. It’s not my fault about your life, and it’s none of your business about mine.

All my life, I’ve dealt with people commenting on me, mostly liking, but there are always a few that seem upset about the way I live my life.

One time, I was riding my dolphin out in Turks and Cacaos, (“riding” is the act of holding onto their fin as they swim and you sort of glide next to them. It’s a beautiful, transformative experience between human and animal and I really think, when I looked in my dolphin’s eye, that we made a connection that will last forever) and someone I knew threw shade my way for getting to do it.

Don’t make me be the bad guy.

I felt shame for years after my 16th birthday, where my parents got me an Escalade. People at school made fun of me (especially after I drove into a ditch...oops!) and said I didn’t deserve the things I got in life.

I can think of a lot of people who probably don't deserve the things in life that they get, but you don't hear me hating on them (that's why we vote, people). Well, I’m sick of being made to feel guilty about the luxuries I’m given, because they’ve made me who I am, and I love me.

I’m a good person.

I’m not going to let the Coachella haters bring me down anymore. Did my parents buy my ticket and VIP housing? Yes. Am I sorry about that? Absolutely not.

Sorry, not sorry!

Cover Image Credit: Kaycie Allen

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10 Songs We Must Hear The Yodeling Boy Sing

We can't get enough of Mason Ramsey!

Andrea Bocelli, Michael Buble, Justin Bieber, meet your competition.

Mason Ramsey a.k.a. The Walmart Yodeling Boy has swept the nation with his remarkable interpretation of Hank Williams Sr.'s "Lovesick Blues."

With the overnight success of one this generational talent, we have to hear him sing covers of some our favorite songs too!

Here are 10 songs that we must absolutely hear Mason Ramsey sing!

1. "Despacito" - Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee

If Ramsey came out to the stage and performed Despacito the roof of the arena would blow off!

2. "My Heart Will Go On" - Celine Dion

Thought you teared up enough listening to the Titanic theme song as sung by Celine Dion. Wait 'til you hear Mason Ramsey belt out the big notes!

3. "Gangnam Style" - PSY

The only way the spirit of 2012 can be revived is if we hear a Mason Ramsey cover of that year's most popular song!

4. "Bodak Yellow (NSW)" - Cardi B

Be honest. You've already imagined the Yodeling Walmart Boy in this music video, haven't you?

5. "The Star Spangled Banner" - Francis Scott Key

Jimi Hendrix's version of our National Anthem is, in my opinion, the best interpretation yet. Could Yodeling Walmart Boy surpass it?

Or what about the best vocal version of the Star Spangled banner I ever heard? A recording of the anthem at Super Bowl 25 by Whitney Houston.

6. "New York, New York" - Frank Sinatra

They say it's impossible to beat The GOAT of crooners, King Sinatra himself. But what about Ramsey???

7. "When Doves Cry" - Prince

And Ramsey has to be in full Prince gear and holding his guitar.

8. "A Day In The Life" - The Beatles

A Day In The Life is the grand finale of what many consider the greatest album of all-time, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Some consider it the greatest Beatles song ever made. The only way our generation can be as enthralled by this song is if we have the Yodeling Walmart Boy singing it!

9. "Superstar" - Jesus Christ Superstar

This popular song from the legendary rock opera shows the spirit of Judas confronting Jesus himself as he's about to be crucified asking the tough questions not asked in the Bible. "Why you let the things you did get so out of hand?" and "Now why'd you choose such a backwards time in such a strange land?" I have a feeling that Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber and Tim Rice would approve of the Yodeling Boy belting out this funky 70s classic.

10. "She Bangs" - Ricky Martin

William Hung became immortal with his cover of Ricky Martin's classic on American Idol, how about Mason Ramsey?

Cover Image Credit: Youtube

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