Has something ever bothered you so much that your body cringes or your ears bleed? Pet peeves are something that everyone has and they can affect each of us differently. Some have the patience to deal with it or teach the person how to take care of their bad habits; others can't help but get annoyed and yell at the person responsible for doing that peeve. I asked a few people what their biggest pet peeves were and it shocked me how many people had the same peeve in common.

1. Chewing food with your mouth open.

Chewing food with your mouth open seemed to be the number one hit. Without a doubt, chewing or chomping food with your mouth open is the most disgusting habit anyone could have because the smacking of your lips and the grinding of your teeth is something nobody wants to see or hear. For newborns, it's okay for them to stick their tongues out or slosh their food around in their mouths because they need to learn to enjoy their food. If you're over the age of 8 that means you are no longer a kid and you should have the respect to chew with your mouth closed. The moment you decide to chew potato salad or a mushy banana is the moment you're going learn to chew with your mouth closed because there's an Aunt Bertha somewhere out there waiting to smack some sense into you. So people please be courteous and chew with your mouth closed.

2. Not washing your hands after using the restroom.

Restrooms have germs. Period. It doesn't matter if it's a public bathroom or your own; they all have the same amount of germs and when you don't wash your hands you can transfer them to the people around you and potentially get them sick. Imagine going into a public restroom that looks kind of sketchy and unsanitary. Now envision yourself walking out of the stall you were just in and right out the door without washing your hands. Just think of the amount of people who have had "the runs" or the stomach flu in that same stall you were just in and now that you didn't wash your hands you have the potential of giving yourself or someone else pink eye or even the flu. So please people wash your hands no matter which number you had or which location you went to because all restrooms are dirty.

3. Bad Drivers.

Everyone has taken drivers training so you would think we should all drive the same, right? Wrong! Some people are too busy trying to play on their phones and make sure they aren't missing out on the latest drama. Others think it's okay to pull out right in front of you forcing you to lay on your horn and slam on the breaks, only for them to go 20mph under the speed limit, so thanks asshole for ruining my breaks. The worst part and my worst driving pet peeve is when you're at a 4-way stop across from someone else, neither of you have your blinker on so you assume the other person is driving straight through as well, but I'm not you and you're not me so turn on your blinkers so I know you're turning left and I can wait for you.

4. People who don't know the difference between your and you're or their, there, and they're.

You're is the contraction to you are: "You're the person who owns this house, correct?" If you cannot expand "you're" in a sentence to make it "you are" then it is wrong. Your is possessive and usually comes before a noun or pronoun: "Your coat has a juice stain on it." Their is possessive: "That is their cat." There is a place: "We're going to the store; do you want anything from there?" They're is a contraction to "they are": "They're coming around one o'clock," If you cannot expand it to "they are" in a sentence then you are using it wrong. Need I say more?

5. Children screaming in a public place.

Kids should never be able to get away with throwing a temper tantrum in public and if they do then the parents need to reevaluate their parenting style because nobody wants to sit down at a nice restaurant and hear a kid scream the entire time. At a certain age kids should not be able to go out in public for more than two hours because they get tired and begin to whine and cry and the same goes for newborn babies. So parents this is a message for you... Do not take your kids out in public if you know they cannot behave.