As many of you are aware, in this year alone, we have had numerous televised reportings of criminal behaviors, hostilities and shootings within the United States. According to the Gun Violence Archive, so far, the United States has accumulated a grand total of 27,503 incidents, 7,112 of which resulted in deaths, and 14,671 resulted in injuries. The amount of children, ranging up to 11 years of age, affected by both categories produced 317 victims. The number of teens, ranging from ages 12 to 17, affected by both categories, produced 1,544 victims. The rest filters out into other categories such as mass shootings (179), officer involved incidents where the officer was shot or killed (170), officer involved incidents where the perpetrator was shot or killed (953), home invasions (1,153), defensive purposes (8470, and accidental shootings (1,177).

With that being said, gun control is a big issue right now. There are many people fighting to oppose gun laws based on their Second Amendment right to bear arms. Incidents like Alton Sterling and Philando Castile instill rage in family, friends and audience members as innocent lives were taken at the hands of those in authority of them. Then, there are others who are against gun regulations for reasons like the Dallas shooting where authority figures were targeted for the fault of others. This also instilled rage in family, friends, and audience members as additional lives were taken by those who exercised their right to carry concealed weapons.

Yet the question still remains -- When is it the right time to act with authority or exercise your right to use a gun? Where does that path lead you and what is your purpose? All in all, no matter which end of the spectrum you are on, one thing remains true, actions speak louder than words.