America, Your Privilege Is Showing

America, Your Privilege Is Showing

Didn’t your mama ever teach you that “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?” That phrase directly applies here.


America is a pretty dang great country. We have freedoms in this country here that some people can only dream of having. Possibly one of the greatest things about the fine country we call home is our freedom of speech and religion. We can say what we want and believe what we want without the government telling us we cannot, which is spectacular since this was the basis for what America was founded upon- freedom from oppression. Recently, however, we as Americans have overstepped these freedoms.

Being able to freely voice our opinions comes with huge risks, one of which is being ridiculed by those who do not share the same viewpoint as you. This is understandable because not everyone is going to agree 100% on everything, it is just how it will always be. But do not ever tell another person in writing or verbally that their opinion is wrong.

It is called an opinion for a reason. An opinion is defined simply as a view, judgment, or appraisal formed in the mind about a particular matter. It is not a fact, just merely an individual viewpoint on something. An opinion can neither be right nor wrong, so don’t you dare tell me or anyone else that their opinion is wrong.

Nobody is cramming their beliefs down your over privileged throats so don't try to cram yours down mine. You don't have to agree with my- or anyone else’s- beliefs, but you better respect that it's what I think. Always acknowledge and be aware that there are other views. It wouldn't be an "issue" if that were not the case. Each issue is a complex set of ideas that affect each person differently. Some agree and some disagree which is quite alright until each side begins to point fingers at each other.

Instead of pointing the finger at each other, blaming the opposing side and using hateful words, take action instead. If you believe in something so strongly you can fight for a change. Attend rallies, parades, groups- anything to get involved and fight for your cause in a civil fashion. Going to the opposing side’s rally only to stand there and protest them with vulgar words gets nothing done except result in you being escorted out by police.

If people started taking action instead of yelling at each other to “fix” things, a lot more would actually be accomplished around here. America is a country full of inequality, and ignorant comments only make things worse. If you truly believe something is right based on your beliefs and cannot be told otherwise, that’s okay; however, you must acknowledge that there is indeed an opposition to you. Refusing to hear- or even simply acknowledge- any opposition to your opinions and beliefs is a very ignorant and close-minded thing to do. There will always be people more conservative and more liberal than you and their opinions matter just as much as your own; no matter how radical they may seem to you.

Ignorance of things is what leads to conflict. Americans need to educate themselves on viewpoints other than their own. Being narrow-minded does not lead to anything great. We should strive to be a more accepting, open-minded country. We should seek to hear what people have to say and allow them to exercise the privileges of free speech and free religion. We should strive to be more culturally accepting of one another and expose ourselves to a diverse set of individuals. You never know what you can learn from those that are the most different than you.

So, you don't agree with Obamacare? Good for you, but don't yell at people for having Medicaid. You are against the feminist movement? Join the anti-feminist movement, but don't yell at those who are all for it. You are against gay marriage? That is fine too, but don't you dare use slurs towards the LGBTQ+ community. You have a right to say and think what you want, but once you start using your words towards others in a spiteful fashion, you took that privilege too far. Your freedoms are a privilege here, don't become over-privileged.

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