America Witnessed Security Failure And The Double Standard of Protest Policing During the Capitol Hill Riot
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America Witnessed Security Failure And The Double Standard of Protest Policing During the Capitol Hill Riot

White supremacy was unleashed and they did nothing to stop it.

America Witnessed Security Failure And The Double Standard of Protest Policing During the Capitol Hill Riot

While America is continuing to struggle with the challenges and horrors from Donald Trump's Presidency and the COVID-19 pandemic, the country was shook even further than ever before when a mob of Trump supporters stormed the U.S Capitol building last Wednesday in protest of the 2020 election results. Due to decrease in security and failure of police to act, the extremists pushed through the barrier and broke inside of the building, putting a halt to the electoral vote count occurring inside.

Donald Trump is not only responsible for inciting the attack on the Capitol after he announced it on Twitter and held a rally down the street, but the failure of police to use force in response to this insurrection shows how divided they are on protests. While there were police officers that fought against the rioters, others took selfies with the criminals. Many of the protesters were allowed to exit the building without getting arrested. The Capitol police were criticized for being lenient towards the violent white rioters compared to the peaceful BLM protesters.

According to NBC, Donald Trump called members of the Black community thugs when they marched peacefully in protest of racial inequality and police brutality during the summer while heavily armed officers stood outside the Lincoln Memorial. The National Guard arrested protesters and attacked them using rubber bullets and tear gas. However, during this attack on the U.S Capitol they did not respond quickly enough. Racism was on full display considering how the police choose to fight against people of color while the Trump supporters got a free pass after they vandalized the Capitol, stole items, and assaulted police officers.

Despite advanced warnings of the protests that quickly escalated, the U.S Capitol Police were understaffed and did not better prepared themselves because they were ready to handle a riot. Once the mob stormed the Capitol the officers could not hold them back because they were ordered to not use lethal force.

Reports have shown that the attack on the U.S Capitol was much worse than what viewers saw. An officer that died from his injuries during the riot was not announced until the next day, and journalists had to hide with lawmakers. With so much activity happening, it was difficult to report. Some things viewers missed were hidden explosives and congressional leaders being evacuated out of fear since rioters were looking to kidnapped and harm them.

The National Guard arrived to protect the U.S Capital in the following days after the rioters stormed the building in what was considered an attempted coup. When Donald Trump was pressured by Joe Biden to call off the riot, he called his supporters "very special" before telling them to go home. His failure to put a stop to the riot earlier, and planning the whole thing are the reasons he is getting impeached for a second time.

White Supremacy is not going to disappear by ignoring it. Ever since he was elected Donald Trump has only caused misery for this country. Just like his colleagues, he threatens the safety of America for his own gain. After he is gone, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will bring back the hope that was taken away from us and lead this country toward a safer and prosperous future.

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