Is America Meddling Too Much In Other Nation's Affairs?
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Is America Meddling Too Much In Other Nation's Affairs?

Let's take a moment and reflect on where America is seen in the global scheme.

Is America Meddling Too Much In Other Nation's Affairs?

For many decades, America has been front and center in many conflicts with many different nations. It is so easy for us Americans to get annoyed with our government and our military because they always seem to be getting involved in other people’s controversies, especially when it is costing us hundreds and thousands of dollars. Those people are all the way across the world right? What do their problems have to do with us, right?

As frustrating as it is to consistently have to listen to news about different discrepancies within our communities, within our government, and between our country and other nations, it can seem overwhelming. The reality is, conflict is inevitable. We have to realize that life as we know it here in America is not the way things naturally are.

In the '50s, being a part of the military was openly honorable. If you were a soldier in the war you were considered a local super hero. Interestingly enough, the conflicts of WWI and WWII were focused on fighting for the civil rights of other people in other parts of the world. Not because we knew those people, but because we stood firmly as a nation for what was right and that was reason enough to get involved. Back then, we rarely had American interests in these other nations. We were strictly fighting out of concern and consideration for people.

It is surprising to see that we now have companies that are global and actually have interests invested in these nations. As we fight to protect innocent people and our nation’s financial interests, people do not see the value in defense; but they will wait long hours and pay top dollar for a repeat make of a shoe and support clothing brands and materials that are manufactured at minimal costs.

Have our values as a nation significantly changed? Are we ignorant to what we really want? Have we just become cowards? Or all of the above? The United States of America is founded on the respect for our ability to overcome mental and physical abuse.

Now we are struggling to get Border Patrol to get some balls and do their jobs and protect the lines of our territory. Can you imagine? If the military wasn’t as strict as it is and the border operating as how they currently are, how our lives would be effected? Would ISIS already be here flying the Jihadist flag over the White House like how they threat, would drug lords and sex traffickers be a lot more successful in our communities? What are we really angry about, people?

Military spending seems to be on the rise faster than the sea level of Florida, but we are concerned about people actually doing their job. Enlisting enrollment is at an all-time low but spending is increasing and we are afraid about American involvement in other countries. $600 billion was spent on the military in 2016. This is way more than what was spent in inflation-adjusted dollars during any given year during the Cold War (In English, that just means the extra money Congress had to print to cover expenses so that the value of the American dollar can outperform its competitors and keep its respect for what it can buy during a time when everyone was fighting for respect and power control. Like duh, we can’t let our money come off as easy to get like leaves off the ground. What’s that sir? You would like some fresh water. Yes, that will be $100). Now check this out, again, according to Politico, the Pentagon employs 60 civilians for every 100 uniformed personnel. That’s the highest ratio ever. So you mean to tell me people don’t have to go through the intense training that the military soldiers had to go through to make it on the platform they have to make it on? And get this, the Pentagon doesn’t have to balance or audit their books. Maybe President Trump was an undercover soldier or something.

The point I am trying to make is that we make such a huge fuss about the military doing their jobs including keeping surrounding nations in check because their disturbances is disturbing American income and productivity, but all these different organizations and programs funded by Congress, and ultimately by hard working taxpayer's dollars are not doing their jobs but rather commanding an increase in budget and there is so little to say about that. Since when did money start becoming the rule of measure to define our value of work? I grew up with the understanding that self-respect, integrity, perseverance, and honesty was what defined the value of my work and as a reward, I will be compensated. Times are really changing, values are becoming vain, and our future is at stake. Let’s not wait until it is too late.

My challenge for my readers and myself: To work in a way where our brand is being represented. What does your name really mean? What do you want people to think about your personal brand? Can you withstand pressure? Can you think quickly? Can you maintain decency and order? Will you go out of your way to do what it takes to fulfill the mission? Will you serve people and your employers in a way that would impress yourself? Let’s make ourselves worth the investment from this day forward. Don’t focus about what you are getting paid. If you commit consistently enough, the money will come. If not at your existing platform, your commitment will lead to self-discipline and someone else will notice and give you what your worth on a different platform.

All my true proud American soldiers, please stand up!

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