AMDA As Told By 'Lizzie McGuire'
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Student Life

AMDA As Told By 'Lizzie McGuire'

Theater school is tough.

AMDA As Told By 'Lizzie McGuire'

AMDA is a place like no other. For people who don't attend AMDA it might seem like just a performing arts school where people go to sing and act and dance their college experience away. It's sort of like that, sort of. Of course there's singing and dancing and acting but there's also crying and stressing and memorizing lines 30 minutes before class (we’ve all been there, don't judge). If you go to AMDA there's just certain things that happen that probably don't happen anywhere else, and those things can sure be crazy.

1. When you put on your first costume for musical theatre class and you think you look good, but really you probably overdid it a little bit.

2. When your musical theater teacher gives you your first song sheet and you don't know what actions, as if’s, or personalization mean.

3. Going shopping for groceries at Whole Foods after they give you the nutrition speech at orientation.

4. When you get placed in level two tap even though you have the same amount of tap experience as your friend who was placed in level one tap.

5. When you have to wear your musical theatre costume to class every day because you never know what day you're going to be chosen to workshop.

6. The feeling you get in the middle of the semester when it feels like everyone else is great at everything and you can barely manage learning the lyrics to your songs.

7. When you turn the wrong way during dance demos and have to raise your hand.

8. When you're no longer a first semester.

9. When you can't find any clothes that fit into the second semester musical theater dress code.

10. When you yawn in class.

11. When you finally get a Friday night where you can relax and hang out with friends.

12. When you have to walk to class every day in your costume and you're tired of everyone staring at you.

13. When you have a ten minute break in between classes and you have to change.

14. After you finish doing bolero fourteen times because the same person forgot that you repeat the single turns again and you have to restart all the way from the beginning even though you were so close to being done.

15. When someone who doesn't go to AMDA tries to tell you that their school work is more challenging and tires them out more than yours does.

16. Trying to find a female/female scene that fits both your partner and you that isn't totally boring but also is long enough to meet your teacher’s requirement.

17. When you're having a bad day but also in your VPS class.

18. When your teacher gives you a song that doesn't match your “type.”

19. When you try to fit things into your room at the strat.

20. When you try cooking in the kitchen for the first time and you don't realize that the low temperature is not clockwise.

21. When you finish all your final demos.

22. When your teacher assigns you one of your favorite songs for musical theater class.

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