Picture this:

You're about to be in your last semester of college, you're not really sure what exactly you want to do, and time is flying.

Sounds scary, right?

Well, this scary "mental visualization" is my reality. I have a little under four months left until I turn my tassel and walk across that stage and every time I'm asked, "What do you plan on doing after graduation?" The best reply I can offer is a vague explanation of my interests followed by a shrug. Though I do feel like my resume shows decent experience and I feel that I am a very well-rounded individual with special talents, I still feel like I could do better - especially when I hear news of many peers of mine being afforded careers in their fields directly after graduation. Meanwhile, I struggle even applying for jobs because how can one apply for a job they're not even sure that they want? I just sometimes feel that my resume is good, but maybe it could be a little better. Sometimes I feel that maybe if I had just one more skill, one more internship - things would be easier.

Though senioritis is a phenomenon that many college seniors like myself experience, I feel that it's at an all-time high for me. I constantly stress about my classes and how they don't really relate to my career aspirations, if my decision to pass on grad school (as tentative "gap year(s)") is really a smart decision, or if I'm truly going to "be alright."

Yes, senior year is stressful, but what I'm deciding to do from now on is stay positive. I have one semester left at this University, so I should enjoy it; have as much fun as possible, try new things, and take time to figure out what makes me happy. Even if things don't go the way that I want post-graduation, I have to remember that one day I'll be alright. I have multiple life plans and maybe my plan C was meant to be my plan A all along. From now on, I need to live for the moment and focus on making it through the day because what's the point of stressing over "what could be" instead of accepting and enjoying what already is?