13 Items From Amazon that Will Make Adulting A Lot Easier
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13 Items From Amazon That Will Make This Whole Adulting Thing A Whole Lot Easier

You don't need to waste a lot of money to make your life easier. Amazon has what you need.

13 Items From Amazon That Will Make This Whole Adulting Thing A Whole Lot Easier

We all know when it comes to adulting, it can be hard. Let alone shopping when you are an adult, when we have bills to pay, personal things to take care of. We all have busy lives and sometimes don't want to spend the energy going to the store and shopping. We also tend to buy things that we absolutely don't need.

Shopping on Amazon has been a lifesaver and has made shopping, in general, a lot less stressful. You can order something and it can come the next day. Yes, it is possible to buy random things that you may like on the site, but here is a list of random things that might make life just a bit easier.

1. Ring Video Doorbell Pro with Echo Dot

Amazon.com: Ring Video Doorbell Pro with Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Charcoal: Amazon Devices


Home security is a big thing these days, unfortunately. Luckily, Ring is a doorbell you can install that has a camera and you can see whoever is in your yard or simply ringing the doorbell. This can prevent break-ins and assure you that your house is safe.

Along with the Ring Doorbell, an Echo Dot is included in the bundle and I can say it is the best thing to own. You can stream music from your phone, check the news, weather, and much more.

2. Pop-Up Bamboo Towels


Whether we know it or not, we need towels at some point of our week. Whether you are traveling or going to the gym. These compact towels transform into a 12 by 20 towel that we can use for any mess or sweaty gym session. You can fit them anywhere out and pop one out when needed. Another bonus is you can wash them in the washer, so you can reuse them. Which definitely helps the environment.

3. Tower Power Strip with USB Ports


Let's face it, we all have more devices than we would like to admit and when you are using more than one, having two outlets just isn't enough. This tower not only has 6 outlets, but three additional USB plugs as well. You can charge your laptop, phone, tablet, literally anything you can think of and you can plug it into this tower.

4. Packing Cubes

At some point we all travel and packing is probably the most stressful thing to do when getting ready for a trip. I never knew packing cubes existed until coming across them on Amazon. These things help you be more organized in the easiest way possible

5. Steamer for Clothes


Do you remember when ironing was such a hassle? Using a steamer is both simpler and easier and takes out the wrinkles in your clothes in seconds.

6. Grocery Bag Hooks

We all make it a mission to bring in all of our groceries within one trip. Whether you live in an apartment or house, none of us want to come back. These hooks make this goal a lot easier and we don't have to have our hands cramp up every single time

7. Dash Cam


Car accidents and bad drivers are everywhere. It is good to have extra "eyes" if you can in an accident and need proof of what exactly happened.

8. Insulated Cup or Water Bottle

Amazon.com: DYNAMIC SE 30oz Tumbler Double Wall Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug with Splash-Proof Lid Metal Straw and Brush: Kitchen & Dining


Whether you are an avid coffee or water drinker, insulated cups and water bottles are the way to go. It keeps your drinks both hot and cold for hours!

9. Heated Blanket


If you are a person that is always cold or its a cold winter a heated blanket is for you. It is both convenient and just a great item to add to your bed.

10. Travel Accessory Organizer

Amazon.com : Cocoon CPG7BL GRID-IT! Accessory Organizer - Small 7.25" x 9.25" (Royal Blue) : Notebook Bags And Cases : Office Products


Let's admit it, we all have the tangles of chargers and electronics in our bags while traveling. Luckily for us, Amazon has these compact organizers to organize, headphones, chargers, and much more.

11. Cold Brew Coffee Maker


In lieu, of insulated coffee cups, you can save money on buying coffee at Starbucks by using a cold brew coffee maker

12. Car Mount


With phones and GPS being so essential to our day to day lives it is hard not to want to pick it up while we are driving. Well, if you are needing a GPS or just simply wanting to mount your phone, this magnetic mount and easy attachment to the vent is the best way to go.

13. Metal Straws


Save the planet and turtles. Need I say more?

Amazon is overall the best place to shop in my opinion, next-day shipping with Prime, low prices, you simply can't find a website just as good. Adulting can be hard but little things like these items can make it just that much easier.

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