I am NOT okay with this, and you shouldn't be either
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I am NOT okay with this, and you shouldn't be either

Hours in, and we have seen what Donald will do with his presidency.

I am NOT okay with this, and you shouldn't be either
Diana, King and the o'jays on Pinterest

Within hours of being inaugurated, Donald J Trump has undone so much good that Obama, and other lawmakers, worked so hard to implant into our government. It saddens me that I still go on twitter and other social media platforms and I see Liberals outcry at this, and then I will see Conservative backlash that is more than unsettling. It is inhuman to say the least. I see so much hate and cruelty towards the Women's March movements, yet it is a peaceful and fully constitutional protest. Yes, there are small groups that are behaving inappropriately and resorting to a violent form of protest, but the DOZENS that act on violence is nothing compared to the MILLIONS that are protesting peacefully.

After Obama was elected and inaugurated, a "similar" situation arose. Similar is in quotes because almost nothing is alike, yet many Conservatives seem to forget 2008-2009 when they tell us to, "shut up and get over it." Violent protests broke out in 2008-2009, and some of this was instigated by our new president. What's the difference between the past and present protests? It is plain and simply the reason for the protests. The Present protests are occurring for fear and the reality of the loss of civil rights and freedoms, the loss of the environment protection plans we NEED, and the fact that a sexist and racist man has been elected into office NOT by a majority.

Hours after Donald was sworn in, many parts of the White House website were removed. These include sections on civil rights, climate change, and many others. Along with this rewind into the 1800's we also saw Trump appoint a lawmaker from NC who supported North Carolina's infamous House Bill 2, to a position in the Justice Department's section on civil rights. That is not fake news. None of this is and it is horrifying.

While it is funny to bring down Donald Trump for his embarrassing inauguration, it still happened. Along with his inauguration, his cabinet proposals are getting literally embarrassed in their hearings. I have yet to hear a fully coherent answer from Betsy DeVos. Her answers to some questions imposed an action of working to make private schools more accessible instead of improving public schools. While that sounds relatively appealing, her job as the Secretary of Education is to improve public schools. Moving that money from public schools to private is the opposite of what she was appointed to do. School's are not meant to be a business and that seems to be the direction she is heading, despite ADMITTING to not having any experience or qualifications for the job.

Historically, cabinet appointments rarely get denied. While all of this is happening, progress is being undone. Do your own research and learn all you can about these travesties of government and once you've read enough to be as appalled as I am, take action. These four years will NOT be America's last. There is still a future and I will not let one man and his cronies take that away from me. I hope you won't either.

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