A homebody, according to Webster's dictionary is a person who likes to stay at home, and right next to that definition you will find a picture of moi. See, I'm a homebody. I enjoy the simple things in life, like the warmth of my bed, freshly delivered Postmates, and a new Netflix show to binge watch. And if you relate to any of the following, you're probably a homebody too!

Delivery is your best friend


The less things I have to leave my house for, the better. I thrive in my own environment (aka my bedroom). Therefore, Postmates, DoorDash, and Uber Eats are my best friend. Unfortunately, they aren't exactly my bank account's best friend.

You love it when someone cancels


The moment you make plans, you instantly regret. You pray and hope that the other person will decide to cancel. When you finally receive the cancellation text, you rejoice because you're night is about to get so lit. All night Netflix binge, let's go.

Netflix is the only one that asks you if you're okay


It's been about 8 hours since you left your bed, and probably 24 hours since you've had any human contact besides the delivery person. Then, you realize the familiar buzz of Netflix in the background has disappeared. You look up from your phone, only to see the most heart warming message you've seen in days: "Are you still there". Yes, Netflix, baby - I'm still here.

You're always ready to go home


Anytime you somehow to convince yourself to go out, you instantly regret it. You find yourself waiting for someone to say they're ready to go home. And, like always, you're the one that always goes home first.

You only leave your house to go to work and the store


If I didn't need food or a house, nobody would ever see me. The most social interaction I get in a day is at work, or at the grocery store. At this point, more people at Publix probably know my name than people I actually have class with.

All your selfies are taken in your house


Basically, an intruder could make a map of my apartment based on my Instagram feed because all my selfies are just various poses in different areas of my house.

You forget what day it is


When you never leave your house. you realize time, day and night, those are all constructs. They aren't real. So when you asked me what day it is, I probably don't know.

You're in bed by 9pm


You might not go to sleep until 12am, but best believe I am showered and in bed by 9pm. Bet.

You make plans weeks in advance


...so you have enough time to convince yourself to go because you've canceled 3x already, and would still like to keep some real friends, not just watch 'Friends'.

When you only love your bed and your momma


I've never related more closely to a Drake lyric than I did to this one. It's very true, I really only love my bed and my momma. I'm sorry.

In the end, it's okay to be a homebody, just don't forget that an outside world still exist, and it's not always horrible.