I Am A Hispanic Male, And I Accept Trump As My President
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I Am A Hispanic Male, And I Accept Trump As My President

Call me unexpected. I am only deciding for myself.

I Am A Hispanic Male, And I Accept Trump As My President

The entire day of the election was unreal. It started off as a regular day, heading to work. I wasn't thinking about that day as special, even though our next president was about to be elected. After work, 5 p.m., I headed home. Usually, by this time, hunger would start kicking in, but that wasn't the case this time. The countdown of the announcement was only a few hours away, and that news flooded all of my social media account feeds. My body reacted to this before I could. My appetite was cut, and the nerves kicked in. Then nausea would creep up out of nowhere. By 1:30 a.m. we all knew it would be Trump, but for some reason the announcement was being stalled.

Trump is the winner! And hysteria kicked in. I laughed hysterically like a maniac. Not only because I was lightheaded, but because I thought this would be impossible for him to win. I couldn't be happier he was elected over Hillary nonetheless, and I state my reasons below.

Trump had a more successful campaign than Hillary

While Donald was the least favorite, Hillary's campaign took full advantage of this, viciously attacking his character, and his past business fails. They were essentially only adding fuel to the fire. We already knew Trump was unfit to be president with his vulgar mouth and all. What we didn't know was that Hillary would resort to behaving like the children of the internet and point fingers at the obvious. She was with the liberals in this regard, not for them. Meanwhile Donald, in person, vigorously campaigned, holding significantly more rallies than Hillary, with more attendees. Hillary reportedly spent almost twice as much on her campaign than Trump, and with less success. Maybe if she had focused more on the people instead of Trump she would have won? I don't know.

Hillary's star-studded campaign

With Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and other pop stars siding with Hillary, of course, Hillary was going to win the popular vote. Unfortunately for her, it is up to a select few to determine who the president will be: the electors. That is right, only a 538 electors votes count, and a candidate only needs 270 of those votes to win. Too bad celebrity endorsement didn't win the electors over. The only Americans Hillary won over with this strategy were the valley girls of America. The #GirlPower squad, and of course my "feminist" sisters. The people who she didn't win over with this strategy were the ones that did a bit more research on Hillary's shady past, and who were aware enough to know just how much their intelligence was insulted by her campaign.

Hillary's dark past, and darker character

There is plenty of dirty laundry to dig up from Hillary's past — no I am not talking about her carelessness with emails. I am talking about her privileged past, her greed for power and her royalty-complex. Despite being for the people and the greater good, this woman has proved throughout her history in politics that she is in fact against the people. Sitting on the board of Walmart for years, she fought against the union and against raising wages for employees. She is also far from the ideal advocate for women's rights. Staying with her husband after it was proven by flight logs that Mr. Clinton had flown the "Lolita Express" on more than 26 occasions, with a convicted pedophile. The plane was reported to be outfitted with a bed, where passengers would have sex with young girls. Hillary chose to stay with this man, even after all this and more was revealed. But hey, she looks and sounds nice like any other politician, I must be crazy for "defaming" her as I am, right? Nah, not right. Both of these scandals SCREAM out hypocrisy and raise the bright red flags.

Trump winning means we won, if we stop whining

I am not a Trump supporter, let me make that clear. I only acknowledge the fact that I enjoyed him calling out the Republicans running for president, and the the Democrats as well. I enjoyed the shake-up he caused throughout the race and loved his no-holds-barred attitude. It was time we had an out-of-the-ordinary and less-polished candidate. I think it is time we all recognize that we are not an ordinary nation anymore, but a progressive one. Please keep in mind that this is coming from a Mexican-Black-Honduran guy, considered a "minority" in America. Trump winning the presidency has stirred up a lot of emotions, yes. But it has also started many important conversations on issues such as immigration laws and Islamophobia in America. Trump becoming president has opened the door for us "minorities" to ditch the traditional and finally challenge this system. When else in History have you heard more from the "minorities" in America than during this campaign? Never as powerful as we have in this race! We were blatantly insulted, ripped apart, and stomped on by one of the richest men in the world, and our voice was the loudest in this scenario. Many bravely and courageously stood up to Trump, with all the passion in the world, and boy did I feel empowered! I would deeply be affected by a few of Trumps proposals — i.e. repealing the 14th amendment to deport "anchor babies." But I have been empowered by this campaign, so I conclude:

This is our time, my fellow Americans! These are our four years, not Trumps! Make them count...

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