Although Trump Is President, I Feel The Same

I have been working on this article for days, and no words seem fitting to describe the situation we are currently in. My purpose for writing this type of article was to reassure people that somehow, some way, everything was going to be okay. We just don't see the light at the end of the tunnel yet. I honestly don't know who I'm trying to reassure, maybe I'm just writing this more for myself, than anyone else. We all know how messed up our government can be, because it has been in the past.

We are supposed to be the United States of America, and yet I have never felt more separated. Eight years ago, during this time the feel of the world was so different. The White House seemed like a place that belonged to everyone, and it was a place where everyone wanted to visit regardless of sex, gender, religion, ethnicity, or culture. It was a proud moment in history because we had the first African American President. To me, it wasn’t just a big deal because Mr. Obama was African American, he represented something more than that.

The election of President Obama showed me this: America has finally embraced people, regardless of whether they’re different from the “norm.” It made me think, “hey, wait a second, if he could become President of The United States, then maybe my future looks a bit brighter, let me start working on who I can prove wrong, just like he did.” Just because President Obama isn’t in office anymore, does not mean that I am going to back down, and neither should you.

Although it seems like we took two steps backward instead of one step forward when electing the new leader of our country, does not mean we have to give in. OK, maybe President Trump isn’t the leader you wanted for this country. Maybe he doesn't stand for what you believe in. Maybe he doesn’t act, speak to, or treat people the way think is right. Or maybe he does.

As I get older, it’s becoming easier for me to understand that we do not have control over anyone’s actions but our own. We may not understand why someone acts the way they do, but we should not let the actions of others change our own. In my opinion, America has always been on the scale of greatness, and we can only make it greater.

No matter who is President of our country, I will always have that same feeling I won when President Obama won his first election back in 2008, and his second election in 2012. Both of his elections made me feel as though one person could make a difference, and they still do.

Create your own light at the end of the tunnel. Make a difference, because all it takes is one person. "Yes we can."

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