Everyone has seen that post on Twitter with a list of places that make you feel like you're in an altered reality. There have been hundreds of Twitter posts citing places like post offices, Cracker Barrels, and airports in which millions of people agree that those places make you feel like reality is altered. Here is my take on places that I believe reality feels altered, and many can agree.

1. The Rotunda at night


If you've ever been to UVA, you know that streaking the lawn is a normal and nightly occurrence. It is odd, to say the least to see naked people running around a UNESCO World Heritage site.

2. Your house in the morning when it snows


The world is calm to a point where reality feels altered.

3. Buses at night


This is a classic. The fluorescent blue lighting and the empty seats make buses at night feel so odd.

4. Movie theaters during the day


You walk into a dark movie for two hours, then walk out into broad daylight. Weird.

5. Your old elementary school


The eerie swing set and the prepubescent memories all add to the weird effect your old elementary school brings when you drive by.

6. Community pools in the winter


This one is weird if you haven't been to a pool during the winter, but seriously, it is accurate.

7. Laser tag


Maybe it's the dark room and the neon lights that freak me out, but laser tag always has me so out of it when I'm done playing.

8. Empty airplanes


Airplanes that only have a few people on them make me feel so weird. Airplanes are supposed to be annoyingly crowded.

Maybe reality is altered and we're living in it now. Weird, right?