Who would've thought a leaf of the aloe vera plant itself can really help improve your skin? After applying the sticky gel from the aloe vera plant itself on my face, I was surprised to see how much of my pores shrank. Not to mention, my face became smoother and shinier than before. I also saw that I don't have any acne or pimples on my face at all. And it just took only one aloe vera leaf! Can you believe it? One leaf filled with sticky gel is great for skin treatment.

In my opinion, the best times to apply the aloe vera gel on your face would be in the morning and after your shower. After a few days, you would surely see your face having such a huge improvement. Even if you have a huge scar on your face, applying the gel on it would make it disappear in less than a week. Also, if you also have cracked heels or any dry foot, the sticky gel has the moisture to clear up the cracks and dry skin.

One thing I should mention about buying an aloe vera leaf from a supermarket is that it's very cheap compared to a beauty product that costs more than $100. It's very affordable and you can buy as many aloe vera leaves you want. Once you buy it, make use of it as soon as possible. Otherwise, the aloe vera gel will turn pink and the gel will have no effect on your skin. If you still have leftover gel and the gel did not turn pink, store in a small container and put in a refrigerator in order to preserve it.

Are you interested in using just an aloe vera leaf? All you have to do is buy one from a supermarket or take the aloe vera you have grown from your garden and bring it home, cut it up and make us of that oozing gel.