Almost fight between teammates at 2014 World Cup
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Almost fight between teammates at 2014 World Cup

2014 World Cup

Almost fight between teammates at 2014 World Cup

The 2014 FIFA World Cup was a tournament that will be remembered for a long time

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Probably the most iconic image of the entire competition was the destruction of Brazil at the hands of Germany in the semi-finals. However, the group stage of the tournament also left some outright bizarre images. Punters can also make online betting from 1xBet Ghana on the group stage of all editions of the FIFA World Cup.

Cameroon vs Croatia

One of the strangest matches in the tournament was played between Cameroon and Croatia. The match took place on the 18th of June 2014. The first weird occurrence took place in the 40th minute of the first half. Cameroon was 1-0 down, and in a completely unexplainable act, Alex Song hit Croatian player Mario Mandžukić on his back with his elbow. If you want to wager on other sports people using their elbows, you can try the best wrestling betting online on website.

This was done without any kind of provocation from the Croatian. What made things worse was that Song looked at referee Pedro Proença before hitting Mandžukić, who was very close to him at the moment. Obviously, Proença showed a red card to Song. For other acts of this kind, you can make your best online wrestling betting on 1xBet, where participants also hit each other.

The only explanation that can be found for such an action was that maybe the Croatian had a mosquito in his back. The Cameroonian was simply being a nice guy and tried to kill it before it bit Mandžukić. It seems that all of us misunderstood Song’s noble action.

A heated argument

Needless to say, with Cameroon down to 10 players for the entire second half of the match, things became much simpler for the Croatian team. All matches of the national teams of Cameroon, Croatia and many other countries can be wagered in live form through the website.

The Europeans won 4-0, and the goalscorers were:

  • Ivica Olić;
  • Ivan Perišić;
  • Mario Mandžukić.

When the match was about to end, another bizarre scene happened. Cameroonian left-back Benoît Assou-Ekotto apparently had a disagreement with his teammate Benjamin Moukandjo. Obviously, being 4-0 down and with 10 players, things were quite heated. The former decided to headbutt the latter, while Pierre Webó tried to separate them.

Despite Assou-Ekotto being a regular starter, he didn’t play in the following match against Brazil, as coach Volker Finke decided to send him home. If you think that other things like this can happen during a football match, feel free to visit 1xBet and wager on it.


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