What A Year!
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What A Year!

So much happened in 2016: here's a recap

What A Year!
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Finally, the year is almost over. It has been a less than par year and almost everybody, if not everybody, has been hit with a slump or streak of bad luck or bad news. 2016 is almost closed for the books which makes me think: will 2017 be better? This is the question that I have seen and heard circulating for awhile now.

In quite a few days, the year will be over and hopefully the stars will be realigned with the Earth. But before we jump to ahead of ourselves, why not reflect on everything that everyone is aware that happened this year. (Unless you have been living under a rock).

1. Donald Trump will be America's next President

Congratulations America! As of January 20th, 2017, we will be under rule of a Republican President and mostly Republican Congress. For any of my fellow Independent/Democratic/Non-Donald Trump supporters out there, let us just hope for the best!

2. Apple created a phone without a headphone jack

I just want to know why this was such a big blowout. Yeah, I'm upset about it too. I did like the ability to charge my phone while having my headphones plugged in, but what can ya do? It's just another tactic Apple is trying to gain (or lose) an audience/consumer.

3. The Orlando night club shooting

Taking the world by storm, this caused a huge outbreak in America. The execution of this act was horrifying for so many people and my thoughts and prayers still go out to everyone/anyone who is affected.

4. Marijuana became legal in eight states

Yay? If you smoke, I'm happy for you. But please be considerate of those who do not. And remember, it is only legal in states to actually smoke Marijauana for recreational purposes in Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Washington.

5. Many famous and well-known people died

Too many, and counting, to list off, but there has been way too many famous people who have passed away this year. Will it end in 2017? I hope so!

6. The Cleveland Cavaliers won a championship.

My dad is from Cleveland and has always been a Cavaliers fan. It was definitely a wonderful Father's day gift for him to find out that team had actually won that day. Way to go Cavs! My dad and I could not be more proud!

7. The Chicago Cubs won the World Series

After a 108 years of not winning the World Series, and a great battle against the Cleveland Indians, the Chicago Cubs finally won the World Series again since 1908. Congratulations Chicago, just remember that my dad is still pretty disappointed that the Indians did not win.

So perhaps these aren't the best things to happen, but they were pretty big in the news this year. Here is to 2017, a year that will hopefully be better.

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