To All The Hard Working Moms

To All The Hard Working Moms

Moms run on nothing but they are worth everything. They deserve more recognition.

Moms don't get enough recognition. They go through so much every minute of every day, and rarely do they get recognition or even a "thank you." Moms are like superheroes. They run on 0-5 hours of sleep most nights for years at a time (I know my mom is going on 19 years now), take care of children around the clock, and most even have a job on top of it all.

My mom not only took care of her three biological children, but she went above and beyond and did foster care as well. We have seen may children come and go, but we have had the privilege to adopt two of the children who have come into our home.

She is such a kind person, and is willing to put in extra time and effort to deal with two young children who need extra special attention. Not every mom will do foster care, but they do just as amazing a job, taking care of their own children and multi-tasking with work, school, traveling, extracurricular activities, and all the chores that are done at home.

Moms make so many sacrifices every day that seem to go over the heads of almost everyone else in their lives. They often eat after everyone else is finished, have to clean it up afterward, they don't have much of a social life because their children come first, and even though it annoys them sometimes, there is nothing more important to them than their kids.

Moms don't get much sleep, they don't get much to eat, they become a driving machine going endless miles to get their family where they need to go, and they don't even have much of a life for 18+ years depending on how many children they have, but at the end of the day, I have never met a mom who says she wouldn't do it all over again.

Since kids seem to grow accustomed to being comfortable, often take things for granted, and forget that everything they have comes from somewhere, I wanted to say thank you to all those moms out there who are working so hard to keep not only their family going, but for keeping their professional life going as well. I know it's hard, and I know some days are a lot harder than I could ever imagine, but it's worth it.

I feel like having one day to appreciate moms isn't nearly enough. Every day, someone should recognize how amazing they are, how hard they work, and should maybe give them a break every once and a while. Moms run on nothing but they are worth everything, even if they don't necessarily believe it.

I don't know where I would be without my mom, because she has gotten me through everything, and she has helped me become the person I am today. She is my best friend, and one of the only people in the world that I feel truly comfortable around. So thank you a million for everything you have done and will continue to do as your children grow and change, but never fully break away from you.

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Thank you, Mom and Dad.

To the ones who were always there from day one (literally).

A “parent” is defined as a person who is a caretaker of a child. But, you guys were so much more than that. Since it’s hard for me to verbally tell you, here is my “thank you” and “I love you” in writing.

First, thank you for choosing to sacrifice your life, family, and friends in Korea by coming to America to provide me with a higher standard of living and education.

Thank you for encouraging me to accept my Korean heritage and for not cringing when you heard my Americanized accent when I spoke Korean.

Looking back, I honestly did so many things that I can’t believe you patiently took and dealt with. I’m sorry for being angry with you for so many trivial, petty things. Thank you for being there to deal with my cranky attitude in the morning. Thank you for calling me out for being a brat, and I’m sorry for my stubbornness. When we got into fights, thank you for remembering how stubborn I am, for reaching out to me first, and for fixing our relationship again.

Thank you for taking care of me when I was sick, and I’m sorry for getting both of you sick in the process.

Thank you for all the late-night shifts you took to provide more for me. As I get older, I’m realizing how important money is, and I’m sorry for complaining when I didn’t get what I wanted (basically, sorry for being a brat, again).

It’s easy to believe that you guys will be here for the rest of my life, but as I see the wrinkles and the white hair, I am reminded that life on this earth is temporary and fleeting. I am reminded that there are not many more years left like this. However, I rest easy knowing that a better, pain-free life exists for us after this earthly life comes to an end.

Thank you, umma and appa. Thank you for being such amazing parents and for showing me what unconditional love looks like.
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Yes, I Know I Don't Say It Enough, So Here's A Huge 'Thank You' To My Parents

Thank you for showing me unconditional love.

Thank you.

If there is a word that describes more gratitude than just a simple “thank you,” I would express that 100 times. I know I do not say it enough, and I know that I never will, but thank you for everything.

Thank you for giving me life.

Thank you for being the most loving people.

Thank you for supporting me.

Thank you for the countless hours you spent driving from different activities, having to sit through sporting events, and supporting my variety of different career paths. Never once did you let me know that I was terrible at a single thing, even though I was.

Thank you for always giving me the best piece of advice, “when you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.”

Thank you for allowing me to spread my wings and go to school over 1,500 miles away to Texas that gave me a need for traveling. My anxious feet could not thank you enough for shipping me off to Europe for an entire semester to let me travel the world, considering I have now been to over 10 countries.

Thank you for letting me learn from my failures. Or when I would never listen to you guys, even though you have always been right from the beginning.

Thank you for showing me that nobody's perfect, but with hard work, dedication and love… you can come close.

Thank you for always being there when I need it the most.

Thank you always picking up the phone whenever I call.

Thank you for knowing that all the times I say “I hate you,” “You’re annoying,” or any other negative words, it is just code for “I love you.”

Thank you for showing me unconditional love.

Most importantly, thank you for giving me a voice to allow me to become the person that I am supposed to be.

P.S. Amanda and Zack, try topping that to be the favorite child ;)

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