8 Changes Coming To The University Of Alabama For Fall '18

While my mom and I were driving into campus after three months of being away, I annoyed her with my constant notes of what was different. In order to help out your passengers when you come to campus, here's a list of what's different so you're prepared and you don't have to point each and everything out!

1. The new Whataburger is open

Yes, it's true. Finally we can get a honey butter chicken biscuit without having to drive 20 minutes off campus.

2. Glory Bound is opening on the strip

I'm not sure why, but I'm not against it.

3. Two new sorority houses (AOII and Delta Zeta)

And they look AMAZING to say the least.

4. One fewer sorority house (Theta)

We're all ready for construction to start to see the progression throughout the year!

5. A new dorm

As a former Lakeside resident, I want every future Lakeside and Ridgecrest resident how lucky they are to not have to listen to that construction.

6. The fraternity lawns actually have grass

And no tarps up either! It's so refreshing not to see the bad decisions that happened the night before scattered amongst the lawn of dead grass.

7. New parking garage action card scanners

They say now they will scan our paring passes. I haven't had to open a gate yet so I have yet to find out of this will actually work.

8. Orange Leaf on the Riverwalk is now TCBY

A nice surprise. Now we can get rewarded for a nice long walk on the Riverwalk with unhealthy froyo.

Safe travels back to T-Town and Roll Tide!

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